Abs workout

Having muscular abs can be both simple and complicated. Want the six-pack abs that make you look fantastic but you need to workout hard !

Discover the secrets of the best abs workouts and build those abs muscles faster than you ever thought possible. Upper abs, lower abs, V Cut abs, obliques…

The ABSolutely Best Workout

No strengthening routine is complete without working out your abdominal muscles. A strengthened midsection not only looks and feels good, it’s the one area of your body that can actually improve the performance of the others.

Fitness buffs with strong abs can move the rest of their body in ways that are more precise and more powerful—meaning faster run times, harder kicks, and heavier lifts, for example.

Your abs are unique in that they are not one muscle, but several interacting layers. The deepest layer—the transverse abdominis—stabilizes your spine and hips.

The next two layers are made up of oblique muscles which control any rotating movements, as well as bending. The last, most outer layer is your rectus abdominis—better known as the land of the six-pack, which control movements like crunching.

In addition to the abdominal wall muscles themselves, your entire core also includes pelvic floor muscles, back muscles, and your diaphragm. And a thorough abs workout will touch on all of these muscle groups.

Whether you’re just starting out, or have been in the fitness game for a while, a solid abs routine necessitates that it be safe and effective.  Surprisingly, just three exercises have been named as the most effective for building abs, according to a study performed by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). Read on for a breakdown of the key movements that should be included, and why.

Bicycle Crunches

These type of crunches are well known to even the most fair-weather gym buff.  Laying on your back, place your fingertips just behind your ears and keep your head raised. Your knees should be pulled toward you.

To correctly perform the maneuver of a bicycle crunch, touch opposite elbow to opposite knee while simultaneously extending your other leg.  This rotational movement succeeds in working all of the layers of your abdominal muscles.

And, according to the ACE study, this is the singular most effective abs workout that exists—so make sure to include it in yours!

The Captain’s Chair

This exercise does require gym equipment—namely a “seatless” chair with arm and back rests that allows your legs to dangle down.

To perform this maneuver, simply bend and raise knees to your chest and then lower them in a controlled fashion.  This movement works both your abdominals and obliques.

Crunches on a Balance Ball

As stated above, crunches are the best ab workout going.  Adding in the instability of the balance ball employs the use of smaller muscles with the larger ones.

To perform, lie back on the ball with your hands clasped behind your head and then use your abdominal muscles to sit up on the ball.

Whether you’re chasing the appearance of a six-pack or seeking the core stability needed for optimal back health and a stable base to train other parts of your body, the abdominals are a group of muscles that deserve their own workout routine!

Whatever your goals, I hope that these exercises help you along in your fitness journey.

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