In general we only focus on the upper abs and we forget to workout our lower abs. Here some advices for you guys about your lower abs.

lower abs workout

All training to workout our abs typically focus of the upper abs, which is why, today, I want to remember you that the lower abs are important, it is also the area that stores the more bad fats.

Christian offers a course and explains how to workout our lower abs

You want to have perfect abs ? So you know what do you have to : motivation, energy, and focus on your workout.

There are other abdominal parts that must be trained, as the upper abdominals, or obliques abs.

To have V-shape, all this is time and discipline, especially in food, eat the right amount each day allows the body to regulate and not to store fat in this part of your body. You can also calculate the calories to have more chances to reach your goal.

abs workout

So, you now know that there are lower abs, work too, so, good luck guys !

More photo from the coach Emil Olsson on his Instagram.