All training to workout our abs typically focus of the upper abs, which is why, today, I want to remember you that the lower abs are important, it is also the area that stores the more bad fats.

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When You Want to Work Your Lower Abs—These Are the Best Exercises

Creating a defined 6-pack is something any guy who works out wants to achieve. And if all it took were a series of crunches, we’d all be walking around ripped. The first step to revealing well-sculpted ab muscles comes from slimming down.

Getting rid of excess weight means putting in the cardio time and reining in your diet. The good news is that while you’re working on this, you can also set the stage for lower abs that pop by focusing on movements that involve your hip flexors, legs, and lower ab muscles. These six exercises will get the job done.

Mountain Climber

Start this exercise in a plank (palms on the ground, straight arms, legs extended behind you as if you are doing a push up). While keeping your abs engaged, alternate tucking your knees one at a time up towards your chest, repeating as many times as you can. Work on increasing minutes spent doing this move as part of your ab sets.

Lying Leg Raise

Begin by lying down, palms facing down under your buttocks. As you exhale and engage your core, slowly lift legs in one motion until they are perpendicular to the floor. Pause for a beat, inhaling at the top, and then on your exhale slowly bring legs back down. The name of the game here is control, keeping abs engaged throughout to protect your lower back.


Remaining in the same position on the floor as you were for the lying leg raise, begin the scissors movement with legs above you. This time, with head and shoulders raised up, lower legs one at a time keeping your heels from touching the ground. As your left leg lowers, pull your right leg towards you, and alternate sides in a “scissoring” motion. Work up to ten reps per side.

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More photo from the coach Emil Olsson on his Instagram.

Dead Bug

This lower ab buster is super effective, and one of the safest for your back to perform. Again you’ll begin by lying down on the floor with arms extended and palms down.

Bending your knees to a 90 degree angle, lift and tuck them in towards your belly button. Alternating sides, extend your right leg out straight, keeping it from hitting the ground. At the same time, reach your left arm up and behind your head. Using controlled movements, return to starting position and repeat with left leg and right arm. Repeat 10 reps per side.

Reverse Crunch

To explicitly target your lower abs, the reverse crunch will give you more results for your effort than a traditional crunch. To perform, begin by lying on your back with knees bent and raised at a 90 degree angle above you.

Instead of lifting your shoulders as per a typical crunch, you’ll instead be lifting your buttocks and lower back. Imagine curling your hips in towards your midsection as you lift in a controlled manner, while exhaling. Repeat 10 times per set.

Bird Dog Crunch

Begin this movement on your hands and knees in a “tabletop” position. Pay attention that your hands are aligned below your shoulders, and knees below your hips. As you reach your left arm out in front of you, at the same time extend your right leg behind you until both are parallel to the floor. On an exhale, bring both limbs back beneath you, trying to touch them in a curl motion. Repeat on one side for ten, and then change sides for another ten reps.


Remember to perform each of these movements with slow, controlled precision—momentum won’t gain you any favors in building muscle. By performing these 6 exercises regularly and consistently—working on increasing reps every week—you’ll soon be on your way to 6-pack glory.

Christian offers a course and explains how to workout our lower abs

You want to have perfect abs ? So you know what do you have to : motivation, energy, and focus on your workout.

There are other abdominal parts that must be trained, as the upper abdominals, or obliques abs to get the V-Cut abs!

To have V-Cut Abs, all this is time and discipline, especially in food, eat the right amount each day allows the body to regulate and not to store fat in this part of your body. You can also calculate the calories to have more chances to reach your goal.

So, you now know that there are lower abs, work too, so, good luck guys !

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