In an age where more is more, possessing the ability to ejaculate a large amount is something that many men aspire to. Maybe you’re surprised to learn that there’s more to debate when it comes to dicks than the usual ‘length vs. girth’ discussion about virility. Or maybe, because you’re already here, reading these words, it’s no surprise at all to learn that many men are curious about load size.

No matter the reason, being unsatisfied with one’s ejaculate amount can lead to levels of personal distress that are only compounded by the porn industry. So—is this really a thing—to be able to up your own production?

According to those in the know, the average load is probably at lot smaller than you might guess: 3-5 ml, or up to the equivalent of one measly teaspoon. More underwhelming: a man’s typical amount tends to peak somewhere around 30-35 years of age, when it then begins a steady decline.

And mostly what has been studied when it comes to semen is the quality, not the quantity. Urologists, endocrinologists, proctologists and the like—they’re more interested in sperm counts, and the, ahem—strength of your swimmers’ strokes, more than your own.

However, one thing doctors agree on wholeheartedly when it comes to having a primo-ejaculate, is the importance of keeping your entire body in peak-performance mode. You can also shave your balls, but in this case it will not help !

Bigger Load

The experts weigh in

Like most advice you hear when it comes to improving one specific aspect of your health, the recommendations for increasing your load size are no different. Rather than focusing specifically on your junk, taking care of your body as a whole will go a lot farther when it comes to, well…going a lot farther.

Keep it moving

Your body, that is, as in exercise. Interestingly while low to moderate levels of routine exercise are known to increase sperm count high-intensity work-outs could actually cause the reverse to happen.

This phenomenon results from a few factors: the heat generated (not good for your balls), the restrictive clothing athletes tend to wear, and/or the type of exercise performed (we’re looking at you, road bikers).

Drop some pounds

Experts know that roughly 1/3 of mildly-morbidly obese men tend to have lower sperm counts than their slimmer counterparts.

But, employ some of that reasonable exercise that we just spoke of, and you can expect your load size to increase as your weight decreases.

AntiOxidants are ProSperm

Eating better is basically going to improve how your body functions across all levels. And antioxidants in particular seem to have a magical quality when it comes to improving the cellular health of your body, specifically, those single-celled organisms swimming in your nether regions. Antioxidant’s ability to decrease free radicals in the body pave the way for both increased sperm counts and their swimming skills.

Dial down the heat

Specifically, decrease the temperature in your nether regions. Avoiding hot tubs, saunas, and Tight-y Whities will all help to keep a cool climate necessary for a peak sperm environment.

Tone down the partying to get Bigger Load

It should come as no surprise that both alcohol and tobacco-products decrease sperm counts. But, the combo is also know to degrade sperm quality as well. While this may not be a concern of yours if you are primarily seeking to increase the visual load size, for those looking to procreate, it’s best to lay off the late night bad habits.

Now that we’ve covered the more reasonable methods of increasing your load size, it’s time to unveil the biggest way to go Go Big. The one surefire way to fire off a bigger load, as it were. It all comes down to “less is more.”

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As in, the fewer orgasms (and accompanying ejaculations) you have, the larger they will be. This should be somewhat intuitive: the longer you wait between orgasms, the more time your testes have to reload. The good news? It is possible to put yourself on a training cycle of sorts when it comes to building volume.

Forming a pattern of ejaculation—every 2-3 days, for example—will allow your body a kind of predictive method of producing enough semen for your “needs.” Conversely, overdoing it will be a tax on your system, and can function as a setback to this plan. The only way to see(men) for yourself, is to give it a go!

One final word—steer clear of supplements and vitamins that promise to increase load size. Not one of these claims are backed up by any kind of science. While it might be fun to experiment with their efficacy, ultimately, you’ll only be decreasing your wallet size in your quest for bigger load size.

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