More and more people are talking about it, and it has become a common subject in the daily life of some! With the multiplication of dating applications, sometimes we are less attached and we only want to have sex. Having fun and therefore get laid if possible with your regular Sex Friend without falling in love.

What is a Sex Friend?

He is a friend for whom we feel attraction, who we love, who allows us to have orgasms but with whom we don’t project ourselves in life! So, it’s an honest relationship, we remain friends but we have fun together in bed (or wherever you want!).

This has nothing to do with the phenomenon of open couples. Indeed, it’s just sex, but being friends. We meet just for that, or we go home together after parties just to have sex without taboo: Using sex toys, blowjob, facial, masturbation …

A Sex Friend is also a person that we can kiss, seduce, but without falling in a love relationship. This is preferable for people who are already in a couple…

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We have sex, we have fun, everything is clear and there are no problems!

Having a Sex Friend can be cool. Come home from a party and have your libido at its peak and a friend for a booty call and something that can change your sex life!

There are still a few rules to follow to make your relationship with your Sex Friend work:

  • You have to set the limits: Who knows, we kiss in public? Do we have romantic evenings? It’s important that it’s clear for both of us to avoid overflowing feelings…
  • Stop jealousy: If we are sex friends, it’s because we are not in a relationship. So we have the right to go elsewhere and to flirt.
  • We communicate: It would be silly to break a friendship because of misunderstandings. And that’s the risk in this kind of situation. That’s why, if we feel that it doesn’t suit us anymore, that we don’t expect more from the relationship or that we’re just fed up with it, we have to be able to talk to our sexual partner about it.
  • We protect ourselves: Even if it’s a close friend and we trust him/her, there is no zero risk. So it’s important to keep protecting yourself.
  • We are Sex Friend so we are not in a 2-way relationship, we take advantage of it and we can even make a trheesome or more, the goal being to have fun without the constraints of a couple relationship.

Just one thing if it’s about your best friend: your confidant must remain it and it would not be necessary to play with fire so that all breaks because of a little sex!

Feelings can go further and confuse you afterwards. Be wary of this type of relationship, which can quickly turn into a drama.

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Who can have a Sex Friend?

Well everyone! By personal experience, I have noticed the following people have in most cases :

  • Cougar women, who don’t want to get involved but just want to have fun with a younger one
  • People who don’t like to date
  • Those who don’t like looking for a booty call for hours on the Internet
  • Singles who are fans of their bachelorhood
  • People who have been in a couple for more than 10 years, and who are looking to have fun elsewhere
  • Lovers of fetishes or sexual practices that they cannot satisfy in their relationship (domination).
  • Bisexual women in opposite-sex relationships who sometimes seek out people of the same sex.

How to ask your friend to be a fuck buddy ?

For me, it’s important to approach this topic with sensitivity and respect for your friend’s feelings and boundaries. Engaging in a sexual relationship with a friend can be complicated and may have long-term consequences for your friendship. If you decide to have this conversation, consider the following steps:

  1. Evaluate Your Intentions: Be honest with yourself about your intentions and what you want from this type of relationship. Ensure that it’s a consensual and mutually beneficial arrangement that you both are comfortable with.
  2. Choose the Right Time and Place: Find a private and comfortable setting to have this conversation, ensuring that you both have time to talk without interruptions.
  3. Be Direct and Honest: Approach the topic honestly but tactfully. Express your feelings and desires clearly, and let them know that you value their friendship regardless of their response.
  4. Consider Their Feelings: Think about your friend’s feelings and how they might react to the suggestion. It’s crucial to gauge whether they are open to this type of relationship or have any romantic interest in you.
  5. Listen Actively: Give your friend the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings. Be attentive to their concerns and boundaries.
  6. Respect Their Decision: Understand that your friend may decline your proposal. You should respect their decision without pressure, guilt, or manipulation. The foundation of any sexual relationship, even a casual one, is consent and mutual desire.
  7. Establish Boundaries: If your friend is open to the idea, establish clear boundaries and guidelines for the relationship. This includes discussing safe sex practices, emotional boundaries, and what you both expect from the arrangement.
  8. Regular Communication: Keep the lines of communication open throughout the sexual relationship. Check in with each other regularly to ensure that you are both comfortable and content with the arrangement.
  9. Be Ready for Changes: Understand that this type of relationship can evolve, and feelings can change over time. Be prepared for the possibility that the dynamics of your friendship may shift.
  10. Respect Privacy: Keep the details of your sexual relationship private and confidential to maintain the privacy and dignity of both parties involved.

Bottom line

Here is my advices! After if you do to the other problem called “Friend Zone”, I give you my advices in my post here!

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