Find out about why wooden rings are back in style, and what makes them better than traditional alternatives such as gold wedding bands.

While the earliest rings were made from wood, with time our grasp of technology allowed us to experiment with all sorts of other materials, and precious metals quickly became the standard for this type of jewelry.

However, the current crop of designers are mixing things up and reintroducing the idea of integrating wood as part of modern rings. This represents the perfect blend of the old and the new, and is an intriguing new trend that is only gaining pace.

Let’s look at what makes wooden rings so appealing to current-day buyers, and why they are worth adding to your wish list.

Wooden Rings for Men

Wooden rings can better represent your personality

The rings you wear should reflect your own tastes and take on the world. And yet for a very long time, men in particular have had less choice in this regard, having to make do with items that pigeonhole them in a way they might not be comfortable with.

Thankfully the wooden mens wedding rings from Alpine Rings and other established brands are breaking down these barriers and giving customers far more variety than ever before.

Whether you are looking for a bold and eye-catching wooden ring to go along with your out-there sense of style, or you would prefer something more subdued, subtle or understated that still compliments the way you look and act, there is a product out there to match.

Many different woods are used

Expanding on the idea of there being a wooden ring for everyone, it’s worth noting that there are a multitude of different woods used across this burgeoning market.

From the mellow look of chestnut wood to the dark tones of black apricot wood and the mature impact of mahogany, these are just a few of the natural sources from which wooden rings are made.

What is more, if you are picturing rings of this type as consisting of wood and nothing else, then don’t worry, as they are also combined with other materials to add to the style and also improve the durability.

For instance, metals like tungsten, titanium and cobalt are all commonly encountered when browsing wooden rings. This means that this jewelry can be even harder wearing than traditional all-metal examples, since gold and silver are not as durable.

The psychology is different

With a traditional ring made from metal, and perhaps inlaid with gemstones, the main sense you get is of an item which has been carefully designed and put together by a craftsperson, with materials harvested from the earth and heavily processed to get them to this finished state.

With a wooden ring, you will feel a far closer connection to the natural world from which these resources were taken, since the grain of the wood itself is typically allowed to show through.

Aside from the fact that the grain itself will be completely unique, you will also get that undeniable sense of wearing a once-living material around your finger.

This could change the way you think about jewelry, and might make a wooden ring far more meaningful both in its own right, and as a representation of the union that it symbolizes.

Even if you don’t wear a wooden ring as a wedding band, it will both look and feel different to cool, manufactured metal rings that still dominate at the moment.

The wood can be a secret

One of the more interesting examples of wood being used in men’s wedding rings in particular is that it doesn’t always have to sit on the outside of the band. A growing number of products choose to use wood as the ring’s interior, while the exterior is given over to a more classic metal finish.

There are lots of reasons to take this route, whether you simply prefer the feel of wood against your skin to metal, or you want to wear a ring which looks one way to the outside world, while hiding a design secret underneath that only you and your loved ones know about.

Costs are kept in check

When planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by just how much everything costs, and the jewelry is definitely a bit of a burden on the balance sheet, especially if you opt for a traditional ring design.

With wooden rings, you are able to get a combination of brilliant craftsmanship and wallet-friendly affordability that doesn’t result in any compromises. So regardless of your budget, you don’t need to overspend on a ring if you make wood one of the main components.

As you can see, there is a long list of reasons to make a wooden ring your next jewelry purchase, whatever style you prefer and whichever occasion you are buying it for. And with so many great options available online, you could make your decision in minutes.

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