If your closet is full of shoes, cardigans and jumpers that you’ve had for years, then you know how difficult it can be to keep them all looking brand new. We’ll show you a few tips on keeping your favorite knitwear in great shape, so you can cherish them for years to come.

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Make Sure You Wash Your Knitwear Properly

Whether your jumper is made from merino wool, cashmere or even llama wool, make sure you read the washing instructions carefully. With most knitwear, it’s advisable to wash it by hand and avoid using the washing machine altogether. For example, putting a merino cardigan in the wash could ruin it beyond repair.

Throwing your laundry in the washing machine is easy but it isn’t worth spoiling your woolly sweater. This method could shrink your knitwear and it could lose its shape entirely. Maybe you’ve guessed it but you should also avoid tumble dryers too, as they can cause a lot of damage and shrinking.

Most pieces can be washed by hand with a mild detergent and warm water that’s below 30°. After letting them soak, place your garment in a towel, then let it air-dry. Try not to wash your knits too often, rotate between wearing your favorites to avoid wear and tear on a particular jumper. When buying your soap, check if it’s PH balanced or specialized for wool. It’s better to give fabric conditioner a miss when washing wool.


Never Hang Your Knitwear

Shirts, coats and even trousers are for hanging but your cashmere jumper is definitely not. Hanging your comfy jumper could misshapen it and cause the shoulders to mould to the shape of the hanger. Instead, fold your knits and place them in a drawer. If your drawer is wooden, place some lining at the bottom to avoid any damage to your sweater.

Shave Your Knits

Yes, believe it or not, shaving your knitwear will keep it looking fresh and new. Bobbles form on clothing when it’s been worn a few times, especially in certain areas like the underarms and waist where the material rubs together frequently.

You can buy a small, specialized shaver that’s designed to get rid of those pesky bobbles and lumps on your jumpers.


Brush Often

There are many retailers and specialized stores where you can get your hands on a soft brush that is designed for using on your knitwear. Brushing often will get rid of the lint, fluff and hairs that get attached to your jumpers. Cashmere combs can also be used to keep the bobbles at bay.

Keep The Moths Away

It can be heartbreaking to go through your clothes when you’re getting ready for a special occasion, then suddenly realize that there are little holes in your cherished jumper. Moths cause these holes; they can become a real problem and damage your clothes.

Moths are attracted to dark, damp and dusty places, so be sure to thoroughly clean, vacuum and disinfect the inside of your closet often. Perhaps you brush and mop your floors every week to avoid dust and dirt, so your closet deserves the same treatment.

Since moths are attracted to moisture and damp smells, be sure that your knitwear is completely dry before placing it back in your closet. For further prevention, buy mothballs, or other natural moth repellents (like lavender pouches) that you can place inside your drawers to keep the bugs away. If you’re still worried about your beloved wool pieces then you can buy cashmere storage bags to keep your knits safe.

If you take a little extra time to care for your knitwear, it will last a lot longer and look full of life. Just think, if you keep your beloved cardigan in good condition, then you could still be wearing it 10 years from now.

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Sean Miller is a young and aspiring writer, fashion lover and home decor fan, currently a part of the creative team at Millstrand. In his free time, Sean enjoys listening to music, watching tv shows and walking his dog.

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