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I must have more than 100 pairs of sneakers between my Adidas, Nike, Coq Sportif, Puma or Reebok! No, I’m not kidding. But I’m not going to show you all of them. Instead, I will make a selection of my favorite sneakers for men and for all styles.

Whether you call them sneakers, sneakers, or tennis shoes, I’m going to tell you about all the brands I like as well as those of young designers.

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No longer purely a rubber-soled item of utility, sneakers are a legit fashion statement. Designers (and celebrities) have certainly caught on to this trend—it’s not uncommon to hear of sneaker launches bearing hordes of people camping on the streets, waiting to get their precious hands…errrr, feet in them!

Whether you’re after utilitarian, luxury, sport, or statement, read on for 20 of the best brands of Men’s sneakers out there now.

  1. Adidas—perhaps the king of iconic sneaker style, Adidas was one of the first brands to profit from celebrity partnerships, like the one with Kanye West that resulted in his highly sought-after “Yeezy” line.
  2. PF Flyers—one of the original basketball sneakers, they hold up structurally for real court support, while looking effortlessly cool.
  3. John Lobb —this luxury show brand specializes in low-top, premium leather designs, and favors a more understated look.
  4. Vans —made popular in the 60s, the Vans brand has been going strong ever since.
  5. Reebok—Have you heard? The 80s are back, and Reebok is enjoying a new audience for its classic white leather sneaks.
  6. Balenciaga —the king of classic court-style shoes. We like the contrasting blue and red retro feel of the Match Tennis Canvas Sneaker.
  7. Converse—When Converse introduced its One Star shoe back in the mid-70s, it was an instant hit. While it never quite went away, it had a powerful resurgence in 2017 and hasn’t looked back since.
  8. Gucci —If attention to detail and high-end materials are your thing, Gucci makes impeccable luxury sneakers. We like the Ace Leather, but for a more affordable look-alike, try Adidas Cloudform Advantage.
  9. New Balance—one of those unique brands that Dads and Hipsters can pull off with equal believability, its mix of suede and smooth leather, plus the giant “N” makes this sneaker an essential part of any man’s collection.
  10. Novesta—not quite as well-known in the US, Novesta is a certainly a sneaker staple in Europe. We like the hi-top look of the Star Dribble.
  11. Onitsuka—the glorious side stripes of this brand made their debut at the 1968 Olympics and haven’t lost their stride since.
  12. Nike—this is a brand that makes so many different style and types of sneaker, the choices are endless. We love the legendary look of the Cortez.
  13. Puma—most people easily recognize Puma’s legendary “Formstrip,” as displayed on the side of their Suede Classic. Still going 5 decades later, they’re a brand that has mastered the reinvention of old-school style.
  14. Forsake—a line performance-based outdoor sneakers that are decidedly cool.
  15. Asics—no longer just a running shoe, this brand has some interesting partnerships with designers now that deserve a closer look.
  16. Under Armour—a newer kid on the sneaker block, this line is all about support, traction and breathability.
  17. Air Jordan—if there’s a shoe with a bigger personality, we have yet to see it.
  18. Seavees—whether you’re trekking on a trail or on a wet commute, this brand offers one of the most aesthetically-pleasing collections out there.
  19. Lacoste—more affordable than Balenciagas, yet still decidedly tennis-inspired.
  20. Common Projects—a newer luxury brand that only carries sneakers. We like the classic, minimalistic lines and monochrome look of the suede offerings.
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