Adidas is a German sportswear brand founded in 1949 by Adolf Dassler better known as Adi Dassler, the origin of the name of the company is directly inspired by its creator.

She is behind her creation as a sports equipment manufacturer, since the famous brand has found its place on the fashion scene especially streetwear around the world.

The brand in 3 bands

Recognized as “the brand with 3 bands” in reference to its logo, Adidas has evolved over the years.

If at the origin of its creation the bands were horizontal, in the 60s the diversification is invited in the company: balloons, tracksuits and bags appear in the collections.

On this occasion, the famous logo evolves, and is mixed with three bands, a clover with three leaves, symbolizing the diversity of the group according to its creator.

On the occasion of the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, this new Adidas logo will be officially launched.

In 1991, new line new design for Adidas. Indeed this year Adidas equipment (nowadays Adidas performance since 2002) is inspired this time of a mountain to embody the notion of surpassing oneself which is the spirit of this line.

The clover did not mean its last word despite its abandonment in late 1980. The sirens of vintage push Adidas to republish his bestsellers in the 2000s. This is how Nizza, Supersta, Stan Smith sneakers and others Gazelles found a place of choice in the wardrobe of aficionados of the brand.

An industry pioneer and market leader in sporting goods for many years, she is now the main competitor of Nike, currently in first place.

Adidas remains a behemoth of world sports equipment manufacturers and continues to offer hundreds of new products each year.

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