Legends of the basketball world

Nike is known as brand famous for its tie ups with various sports personalities. It has expanded its business by introducing a new shoe each year. Air Jordan is one such range that Nike has launched in collaboration the Michael Jordan.

Nike Air Jordans were deviated from the mainstream basketball shoes at the time, which were available only in white. Air Jordans, were a tribute to Michael Jordan, whose entry in the world of basketball, altered the game. The same occurred in the shoe industry with the launch of Air Jordans.

Air Jordan, till date, sets a benchmark in the sports shoe world every year with a new and better version being launched every year. They push the standards of shoe performance as well as design and comfort.

Like the legend that they are named after, Air Jordans have a long standing and rich lineage which they uphold by coming up with innovations. Their achievement matches that of the great player and they have also, become a legend in their industry.

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