I’m not one of those people who think that since the sock is mostly invisible, it still deserves to be considered a secondary accessory. And you know what? Current fashion developments prove me right!

Long seen as an insignificant element of the men’s wardrobe, socks tend to become an integral part of the male look. No more randomly picking a pair from the drawer in the morning, just “because I have to”. From now on, men’s socks are chosen according to the day’s activity, the season, and the meaning you wish to give to your clothing appearance.

How to choose socks for men

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Specific shapes for specific uses

Men have long favored the so-called “modern” sock, the one that goes up to mid-calf. You know what I mean: we get used to having only one kind of sock in our wardrobe (the “modern” ones, that is), and we consider them useful and relevant for all situations.

For exercise, for work, for going out, for fancy parties: always the same kind of model, the good old cut that goes up to half the calves. At this point, we’re really not far from buying only sports socks in packs of ten and sticking with them for all purposes! (Don’t pretend, I know you’ve already thought about this ultimate solution…)

Fortunately, fashion also works for us men, and designers offer us some really interesting alternatives

Take for example the case of the so-called “invisible socks”. You guessed it, they’re called that because they end up just before the edge of the shoe. To someone who doesn’t know, you look like you’re barefoot in your pair of shoes. This prevents terrible taste notes, especially with shorts and pantacourts. Invisibles are also highly appreciated by men who don’t like the feeling of having their ankle “compressed” or who want a pair of socks just to be able to wear their shoes comfortably.

Rising a little higher than the invisibles, but still not covering the ankle, we have the socks. The sock is undeniably the sock to wear with a pair of sneakers. It is inseparable from a coherent urban or sports style.

We have already talked about the modern sock, the one that goes up to mid-calf. Unquestionably comfortable and practical, it should not however become a systematic reflex, at the risk of provoking dramatic aesthetic dissonances in your outfit (sock that falls in accordion under a pair of trousers, skin of the calf that becomes visible under a pair of suit pants when you sit down, etc.).

Surprising, but having the wind in its sails more and more, I finally present you the mid-sock. As the name suggests, this is a sock that goes up to below the knee. If you think that this style of sock looks “strange” on a man then, I’m really sorry to tell you, you’re not in the loop (but it’s not a big deal, I’m just here to help you brush up on your knowledge of current fashion).

Yellow knee-high socks worn with a chino

Yellow knee-high socks worn with a chino – © Can Stock Photo / Deagreez

The knee-high sock is now increasingly adopted by men who have to wear a suit every day. And for good reason: this sock stays firmly in place over the calf, avoiding the accordion effect or the terrible part of the skin that becomes visible when sitting. Good to know: many users report that in addition to being practical, this sock shape is incredibly comfortable.

The fact that the elastic is not above the ankle, but below the knee, means that the knee-high sock is forgotten all day long, without exerting unpleasant pressure on the leg.

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For each season its material

For winter, I recommend wool and cotton. These two materials provide a pleasant tactile sensation while keeping your feet warm. It should be noted that wool has a capacity to warm the feet which is superior to that of cotton.

For the summer, without any hesitation, turn to linen socks. Linen is a textile that can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water. What to ensure the comfort of feet in hot weather.

I can’t talk about the different sock textiles without mentioning Scottish yarn. To dress your feet, it is a bit the nec plus ultra! It is a cotton that has undergone a treatment.

The result: thinner, softer and more resistant socks that are suitable for all seasons. So, of course, the Scottish yarn is not cheap. But in the end, it’s better to have four or five pairs that last over the long term, rather than a dozen cheap pairs that you’ll have to renew after a few months.

How to choose socks for men

Choosing the right material for your socks is important to prevent them from getting damaged quickly – © Can Stock Photo / lofilolo

The sock: the clothing detail that changes everything!

As I introduced at the beginning of this article, the sock for men has been highlighted in recent years. Gentlemen, we no longer dress our feet anyhow! There are now codes to respect to be a man who lives in harmony with fashion.

Let’s start with the basics. The socks which pull cork at the bottom of the ankles: one avoids! The pants that rise and let see the beginning of the calf: forget it! To compensate for this, turn, depending on the situation or your outfit, to socks or knee-highs.

Then let’s get to the heart of the matter: color or black? Patterned or plain? While there are some common sense principles, it mostly depends on your confidence in your taste and knowledge of fashion. If you are a neophyte in the field, then choose socks without patterns and black color.

This way you are sure to almost always avoid the mistake. If, on the other hand, you feel like an artist and want to emphasize your uniqueness, then feel free to play with colors and patterns. Be careful though: always make sure your socks are consistent with the rest of your outfit, or you can always wear shoes without socks, it’s up to you!

The over-the-knee sock for men and women!

As you have read in this article, the sock becomes over the years a real fashion accessory, it is no longer the old socks of yesteryear that had no importance, but with the fashion have become almost essential accessories, be ahead of your time by having socks above the knee!

You surely know the low socks, to be worn with shorts or rolled up jeans or the classic socks, which come in many colors or patterns, you can even find some with the effigy of your favorite interests.

But the question of the day is “Do you know the overknee socks?”, in English it is called the “Overknee Socks“, and well figure that this sock which came straight from the Anglo-Saxon countries become more and more trendy, and that in France and around the world, you can learn more about it on this site!

And yes the above the knee sock is making its effect, and much more surprising than it may seem it is also popular with men and women, the greatest French couturiers and designers have felt the potential of these socks before anyone else and you will not be surprised to see them at the major fashion shows.

Before making any hasty judgment on these socks that can sometimes surprise people, why not try them? You can visit the online store of an above the knee sock specialist and discover a wide range of above the knee socks, for men or women, with different colors, for a unique and mastered style!

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