Are you carefree, independent religious, or traditionalist? Does wearing an earring further your ideals? You could be deriving your inspiration from the ancient guys of 3000 BC, or you are defining your way, stamp your personality, or maybe following a fashion trend.

No matter the motivating factor to wear earrings, I will guide your understanding and knowledge of the process and ways of achieving your look. I hope you are not worrying about where to wear it and whether to wear it on one or both ears. Tell you what? It matters not as it fits the outlook you are looking for in s lovely earring.

Furthermore, earrings can fit both genders, but there are extremes such that long and dangling earrings fit women more than it suits men. However, I prefer you take men’s earrings as their designs are inclined to men’s physique. And by the way, your earring must match your other outfits and accessories, including your men’s jewelry and watches.

Beginner's Guide to Men's Earrings

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I would also put across to you that the journey to wearing a suitable earring begins with expertly piercing your ears. Then, coupled with piercing, the healing process might take up to six weeks or more.

At that point, I believe that you need to choose the earring to start with cautiously. In addition, it should be one that won’t inhibit your healing process, and it should be hypoallergenic.

However, if you are not plunging deeply into this, I suggest you go for temporary studs, hoops, or tunnels.

When and Why Wear Earrings?

The above question boils down to your style and the occasion. I suggest that if you get your preferences and the occasion right, you will have solved the when and why to wear your earnings.

To answer the question, I will first tackle the question of why to wear. You are not the first one to wear. The first person to wear could be traced back to 3000 BC southern Asia, where men’s earrings suggest early users. These earrings signified various reasons, including a show of might, warriors’ honor, and prized possession, just like men’s jewelry.

Here are reasons men wear earrings:

Fashion Statement

I find many trendy men wear men’s earrings to fashion following a specific current trend. Though this reason is a result of peer influence, I find it individualistic. Many times it’s not the peers who drive your perseverance of piercing the ears, but an individual choice.


Challenging the existing or customary order of things and getting a milestone might be compelling reasons that inspire your choice. I find the option to wear men’s jewelry together with earnings as a way to appear different.

Religion and Tradition

Some religious or traditional customs allow for ear piercings. Others follow the spiritual aspect of elongating their earlobes to command higher status.


Sterling silver Cross earring from Allsaints – (c) Allsaints

Status Symbol

Some men intent on show ups trend to floss with their expensive belongings to signify riches. Golden men’s earrings and precious men’s jewelry are the culprits here. But, besides showing off, many men keep them priceless professionals, which may bailout in lean times.

Therapeutic Effects

If you have ever attended therapy sessions, I know you might have heard about how earring adds magic to your healing process.

I am sure you may have other reasons not listed here, and I firmly believe you will add them to this list.

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When to wear earrings as a man ?

I will take you to the question of when to wear an earring or piece of jewelry. I will begin by tackling the situation which is influenced by where you are at that moment. I will ask then, how do you deal with earrings in strict places of worship, schools, or offices?

Some churches might not take it kindly, while schools may restrict you. But, I am sure with your rebellious nature, you will wear it anyway. However, you will tone down a bit by wearing small studs. What is the situation in sporting activities? Or at the gym and parties. Sports that involve physical interaction may influence your choice of earrings and jewelry.

Secondly, I will attempt to look at how a particular situation may pose a challenge. For example, consider an office setting with strict values. How about interviews? I suppose the standing to demand upping your game by blending small earrings with smart attire to become more presentable. Similarly, dealing with sensitive customers may also influence your choice of earrings.

How to Match Your Earrings With your face?

Getting the right earrings for your wardrobe can be challenging, given several varieties in the market. I submit that choosing the best earrings can be difficult if you have no idea which suits your style. The trick here is to consider how earrings match your face:

Round Face

An oblong face requires you to wear earrings and studs that will make your face appear elongated. I suggest that you avoid large round earrings; they make your face plump.

Oval Face

Oval faces are accommodative to different sizes and types of earrings. However, avoid triangular earrings.

Inverted Triangle

I find this face a bit more of a heart shape but narrows as you go down the chin.

Heart Face

In such an instance, the forehead is more expansive, and you need some form of balance by wearing wider earrings. I find earrings with wider bottoms helpful in compensating the narrow depths of your face.

Long and narrow face

The best earrings here are round medium or large-sized studs and hoops that help widen your narrow face.

Square Face

I observe that round earrings of medium or large sizes do magic to your face. Oval earrings perform well too. However, don’t wear square earrings.

Type of Earrings for Men

Stud Earrings

I will most likely go for a stud when beginning to get accustomed to earrings. Its simple features that easily clasp the ear are convenient, especially to a recently pierced ear. They come in various options as per shapes and sizes as well as colors. In addition, studs are of either silver, gold, or platinum.

Stud Earrings for men

Stud Earrings for men from Asos – (c) Asos

Hoop Earrings

I find them suitable for men’s preference for comfort, ease of use, and style. They are deliverable in options of silver and gold. You will discover that Gucci men’s earrings come in different shapes while Allsaints jewelry deals in assorted men’s jewelry.

Dangly Earrings

If studs and hoops are a child’s play for you, go for the boldness of dangly men’s earrings. Also standard with celebrities, dangling earrings are heavy.

Novelty Earrings

If you find the above strings borrowing, the novelty earrings provide you with the fun you need. In addition, they come with a variety of looks that only suit a particular setting. I will, however, advise against wearing them to your church or office.

Flesh Tunnels

Flesh tunnels painstakingly require patience and strict hygiene to prevent infections. Here, the earlobe is enlarged over periods and may not be acceptable at your places of work.

Diamond Earrings

You can get one if your budget is akin to that of celebrity players. Wearing Diamond earrings also calls for an exclusive occasion, and your boss may not approve at the workplace. Nevertheless, you can blend them with a suit on a romantic occasion.

Gold Earrings

I would recommend wearing gold earrings to bring out a sophisticated style. Moreover, you are guaranteed longevity of gold means jewelry because it does not rust and easier to craft more unique designs.

Silver earrings

Silver gives the final product of all the above earrings some exquisite aesthetic. Dior earrings carve out men’s jewelry to represent C and D letters.

C and D silver earrings from Dior

C and D silver earrings from Dior Homme – (c) Dior

Fake Men’s Earrings

Fake earrings, for example, magnetic men’s earrings, are held onto your earlobe by strong magnets. Magnetic earrings provide for easier attaching and removal without the need for piercing. Mini-clip earrings are more discrete and light.

Clips hold clip-on earrings to your earlobes without requiring any piercing. Other fake earrings are screw back eating fastener and paddle back clip-on earrings, including sliding spring.

Although they provide a quick and straightforward solution, fame earrings bring more harm than good. Their low cost implies fast degeneration through corrosion.

My Final Take

Today the desire to wear men’s jewelry is gaining traction the same way men’s earrings are making a resurgence. The question of when men should wear jewelry or earrings presents an opportunity to access your occasion. I urge you to look at your preferences for you to answer the question of why men wear earrings.

I find it paradoxical that people react differently to situations. For example, in a workplace, your strict boss may reprimand you while your customers might be connecting well with you. As such, I firmly believe a change of departments to deal with receptive customers may solve workplace rigidity.

Wearing earrings 24/7 won’t make much difference to your sleep, shower, eating, and studies. In addition, they won’t erode so quickly, but you need to exercise care by wearing hypoallergenic, lead-free, and soft earrings.

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