Everyone knows the famous joke about men’s underwear: “you can wear a pair of underwear for 4 days in a row: once right side up, once upside down, then you turn it inside out, then inside out again”. But in concrete terms, after how long should you change your underwear or socks? Can they be worn several days in a row? And is it dangerous for your health to keep your underwear dirty for too long? I’ll tell you everything in this post.

Men's underwear: how often should you change it?

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Do Americans change their underwear often?

In terms of personal hygiene, Americans generally have a poor reputation. And for good reason! A survey found on this site shows that 45% of men keep the same underwear more than 2 days!

While this may sound like a joke, these bad habits can have direct consequences in your daily life, on your personal hygiene and on your health.

Is it bad for my health not to change my underwear every day?

Wearing the same underwear 2 or even 3 days in a row is not very hygienic. But above all, some urologists see it as a health risk: firstly, bacteria proliferate and accumulate in your underwear. Then, with the heat and humidity, fungus can develop in the groin area. This is a major risk for skin irritations and other infections.

Note that keeping your underwear on for several days in a row can have a negative impact on your fertility: in fact, you keep your testicles at a temperature of 35 degrees. Too high to keep your sperm alive. This is the principle of heated underwear.

Also, choosing a wrong underwear size can create skin irritations !

How often should I change my men’s underwear?

Can you wear those boxers today and put them back on tomorrow? In principle, no! Replacing your dirty underwear with clean ones every day is a basic hygiene principle. The rule: One clean pair of underwear per day. Indeed, throughout the day, you move and you sweat: drops of sweat, urine or other sticky materials, your underwear is loaded with multiple smelly materials. And these will macerate on your skin until you wash or change your underwear. Adopt a simple reflex: every time you wash, put on clean underwear. Don’t put on the previous day’s dirt again.

Why wear clean underwear after a workout?

During a sports session, you work out and sweat a lot. And your underwear gets soaked with your sweat. Let’s face it: sweat smells really bad. And it’s even worse when you’re wearing tight-fitting underwear that’s hot and doesn’t breathe well. So after a game, a jog or a workout, change your boxers and socks (preferably after a good shower). And we do not put them back. Even if they have dried in the meantime.

The risks of keeping your underwear dirty several days in a row

What is the risk of wearing your underwear or your dirty socks during several days without changing them: the development of doubtful smells. They will say a lot about your personal hygiene and may put off those around you. Nobody wants to smell a persistent odor of sweat or worse, pee! If you don’t want to look sloppy (or downright sloppy), change your underwear every day. This will avoid cancellations at dinner parties and other outings with friends because your body odor is unpleasant.

Why should I change my socks daily?

Like briefs and boxers, socks are in direct contact with your skin. They absorb dead skin and perspiration. To avoid embarrassing odors and the proliferation of fungus on your feet, there is only one solution: change your socks every day. If you don’t wash, you’ll limit the damage.

It only takes one day to get your socks dirty: from morning to night, you walk on different floors, slip your feet into your socks and put on your sneakers. They may have retained the previous day’s moisture, as well as a multitude of bacteria. If your socks do not smell bad at first sight, they are nevertheless soiled.

Generally speaking, if you’re wondering whether or not to change your underwear, the answer is certainly yes: it’s time to put it in the dirty laundry basket. This simple reflex will allow you to maintain good personal hygiene and avoid scaring off your loved ones.

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