Nowadays, the image that we send back to the outside world is still a subject of debate. Do we have to be natural? Is it possible to show off without being labeled as a superficial person? What about men who use accessories to enhance certain parts of their body? In this article I propose you a focus on the push-up boxer, a rising star in the art of male sex appeal.

Boxer push-up men

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The push-up boxer, for whom, for what?

The answer is simple: for whoever wants it! The Boxer push-up is not a medical accessory, so you can use and abuse it as much as you want. I would even say that it is a much more natural alternative to surgery, if you have some reluctance to go under the knife!

It is a simple accessory, whose goal is to enhance your buttocks, whether you are already proud of them, whether you want to correct a small complex or simply highlight this part of your anatomy that you may appreciate a little less.

I therefore invite you not to be guided by societal clichés from the Stone Age and to try the push-up if you feel like it. The push-up boxer is simply the male counterpart of the women’s lingerie line of the same name. Originally, they were used to enhance and sheath your buttocks to give you a more defined line in certain garments, or to add a little volume if you want to add a touch of relief to your “decor”.

The push-up technology ensures a more homogeneous and shapely silhouette, while guaranteeing a firm, yet comfortable support for your private parts.

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Products, prices, benefits

More and more brands have made the male push-up a real business over the last 10 years. The push-up technology is no longer exclusively focused on the buttocks, but also on the front part of the male anatomy.

You will find boxers in sport, casual or swimsuit versions. However, I would like to warn you about the “prominent” effect that push-ups have on the front part of your male attributes. Indeed, and this is one of the objectives, the push-up technology has the consequence of gaining a few natural centimeters, thanks to its shaping effect.

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I therefore recommend that you choose your push-up moments carefully, to avoid, for example, small embarrassments on beaches frequented by a predominantly family audience. My recommendations being made, you are of course free to make your own choices, there is no moral at the end of the story! Speaking of choice, note that the ranges of push-up boxers exist in several materials as I mentioned earlier, but also in very diverse colors. It is therefore a range that fits all the occasions of your life, from the most festive to the most romantic.

As for the price range, it depends, as with anything, on the brand, color, size, etc.. You will find push-up boxers between US$8 and US$30 for the “standard”. In summary, whatever the type of boxer you choose, opting for push-up boxers means choosing a range of underwear that is supple, pleasant to wear and, above all, that ensures a successful enhancement of your buttocks (and/or your private parts, depending on your choice).

The push-up boxer for guys, a controversial accessory?

I talked about it briefly in the first part of this article, the push-up lingerie has long been reserved for a female audience. However, styles evolve with the times and brands have consequently adapted their collection, simply to live with their time! Fashion is becoming more democratic and there is less and less stigmatization, which, in my opinion, is very good news!

So don’t hesitate to try new things, the trend is towards innovation! I also announce you that most of the brands market their range of push-up underwear as a tool to “assert his virility”. It expresses especially a desire to please oneself and to please one’s partner, to emphasize oneself, but each one will see what suits him/her, it does not eat bread !

So if you too, gentlemen, want a little help to have beautiful, rounded buttocks that are firmer and better maintained, what is the problem? Whether it’s a test for an evening out, a daily life style or an occasional pleasure, there’s no need to blush or hesitate! Several surveys have shown that a bulging buttock is a seductive asset. So, why deprive yourself of it?

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