On top of its obvious practical uses, belts are one of the few accessories men can use to show off their personalities. From unique leathers to modern styles and fabrics, belts are a great transition piece between your top and bottom that can help pull your style together. 

But how do you know which belt is right for your outfit? If you’re clueless when it comes to choosing a belt, we’ve got the best style guide for you! Check out our tips below on how to choose the best belt to pair with any outfit. 

Choose the Best Belt for Your Look

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Avoid Cheap Belts

You may be tempted to buy the cheapest belt you can find, after all, isn’t a belt just a means to hold your pants up? But cheap belts will disintegrate easily and nothing will put a damper on your style quicker than a worn out belt. 

Don’t worry, shopping for a quality belt doesn’t have to be expensive! You just need to find a menswear brand that offers quality men’s clothing and accepts promo codes and coupons at checkout.

Tuckernuck is a brand that offers a number of classic and modern styles for both men and women. With a promo code, you can shop for any of their genuine leather belts and receive a major discount before purchase. Take advantage of this opportunity to grab a quality belt at a discounted price!

Look for quality leather

The quality of the leather, along with how it’s processed, will dictate how good your belt looks and for how long. If you want your belt to last a lifetime, splurge on the best leather you can afford. Quality leather is more resistant to damage and it will look better as it ages. The best leather you can choose for a belt is full-grain leather that won’t stretch and lose its shape. 

Match your feet

It’s a well-known fashion rule that your belt should always match your shoes. But on top of color, don’t forget to consider the finish as well. Make sure that whatever finish your belt is made of, from suede to matte, it always vibes with the shoes you’re wearing.

Choose your color

Belts can be found in practically every color so it can be tough deciding the best match with an outfit. If you’re looking for a practical belt that you can get some daily wear out of, avoid bright or flashy colors and stick to classic neutrals like brown and black.

If you’re looking for a bold choice, choose a color like green. It’s still manageable in terms of styling but it will add a bit of definition and style to any outfit. 

Think about the materials

Belts come in a wide variety of materials too and each is appropriate for a different occasion:

  • Casual Leather: The classic, everyday staple belt. If you want to avoid feeling stuffy, choose a textured grainy leather and a brass buckle. 
  • Dress Belt: These belts are defined by a polished, matte finish and thinner straps. If you want to smarten up an outfit, add a dress belt.
  • Woven Belts: Made from either woven fabric or leather, a woven belt can add a bit of flair and style to boring combos like shorts and t-shirts. 
  • Fabric Belts: Fabric belts are a newcomer on the scene and they can add a bit of texture to any outfit. GQ offers some great tips on how to style this new menswear look. 

Whichever belt you choose, make sure it fits properly! Nothing will make you look more dissheleved than an ill fitting belt. If you need some advice, have your first belt fitted by a menswear specialist at a department store. 

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