The ear piercing for a man is not a new fad of influencers since this accessory has existed for millennia. Indeed, already in the ancient times of the Pharaohs of Egypt or the Sumerian kings, the nobles and the bourgeoisie did not hesitate to emphasize their lobe by more or less ostentatious jewelry.

This age-old tradition can be found in all regions of the world and for good reason… I believe that it is a way to affirm one’s style and personality. Indeed, there are as many ear piercings, shapes, colors, materials as individuals.

If you’re ready to take the plunge, gentlemen, here are my top 5 tips before you embark on this great adventure.

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Before you pierce, what if you test?

A short time ago, I discovered that it was possible to test earrings for men without having to be pierced. Indeed, there are magnetic earrings. This jewelry is held in place by a magnet that is strong enough to prevent the earring from coming off, but comfortable enough to wear without pain. You can put them on and take them off easily without leaving any trace on your skin.

This piercing comes in all shapes: creoles, ring with pendant, nails … You can try different styles before deciding. Thus, the piercing will be done with full knowledge of the facts and you are assured not to regret.

To choose your magnetic earring, I strongly advise you to go to a specialized store, in a piercing salon or in a jewelry store. Before buying your earring, check that it is hypoallergenic to avoid irritation. Gold, silver or palladium are to be preferred.

don’t forget your physiognomy when choosing your jewelry

Contrary to popular belief, getting an ear piercing is not just a question of fashion or trend. Indeed, the jewel will structure, redefine the line of the face. Taking into account your physiognomy and your skin color before the piercing is therefore essential.

  • Oval faces will be enhanced by round curls, such as creoles.
  • Heart-shaped faces will appreciate straight piercings, cones or bars.
  • Square faces will be balanced by earrings with rounded or round ones, while round faces require square diamond type earrings.
  • The color and tone of the skin are also to be taken into account.
  • Light skin tones, if cool, will appreciate silver, while warm skin tones go well with gold. If your skin is milky, you should avoid shades that are too yellow.
  • Darker skin tones will be enhanced by gold for a dazzling effect as well as by silver or white which will be more discreet.

An ear piercing, yes, but which one ?

When we think of earrings, we often visualize a lobe piercing. I was quite surprised to see that the ear piercing could propose very trendy alternatives and that show an affirmed personality. There are various types of earrings and piercings.

  • The chain earring: it requires the piercing of the lobe and dresses the pavilion of the ear thanks to a jewel connected by a chain. It is the ideal model if you are a rebel at heart.
  • The ear chain is a variation of the classic earring. A thin chain with a pendant goes through the hole of the earlobe. It is suitable for rounded faces to visually lengthen the face.
  • The creole. With or without a pendant, the creole is very common in the world of piercing for men. Small or with a larger diameter, the choice is yours.
  • The cone or the bar can be placed on the earlobe, but also through the pavilion, in traversal.
  • The stud can be placed on the earlobe or the pavilion.
  • The tunnel or the plug are generally less appreciated by men with a conventional look, because they progressively enlarge the diameter of the piercing hole. They should be reserved for a very assertive style.
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What is a good earring for a beginner?

Before you get pierced, I strongly recommend that you ask yourself several questions:

  • Will your piercing not pose any image problem in your professional activity ?
  • Are you ready to assume this jewel in your daily life ?
  • Have you thought about matching your piercing with other jewelry that you wear regularly?
  • Have you defined the location of the piercing ? Will it be safe to heal?

If you are ready to get pierced, you need to choose a good first piercing. The right buckle for a first piercing is one that you can keep for about 6 to 7 weeks, day and night, without feeling any discomfort.

Personally, I recommend the nail, because it is a thin and discreet piercing. It will not bother you when you sleep and you will be able to disinfect your piercing with ease. Once the hole has healed, you are free to change it.


I am going to be pierced : which professional to choose ?

The piercing is an invasive act which requires hygiene and technique in order to avoid any risk of infection. If it was rather common to go to the jeweler to be pierced the ear, there are other professionals, completely apt and entitled to realize your piercing.

The piercer, that you often find in centers of tattoo, is, in my opinion, the professional to privilege. He is subjected to very strict rules of hygiene, he must propose only jewels of excellent qualities and answering a precise schedule of conditions. Moreover, to exert his activity, he will have to have obtained a certificate or an attestation of training to the sanitary conditions. More experienced in particular piercings, the pavilion of the ear or the tragus, he has a more sophisticated material than the traditional piercing gun.

But before making you pierce, I invite you to visit several centers of piercings to make you an idea on the conditions of hygiene and to avoid the living rooms and fairs of exhibition in which the sanitary rules are not always well observed.

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