It’s hard to find your way around when choosing the size of your underwear when you’re a man. What are the standard sizes? What are the differences between US and EU sizes? And above all, what size to take according to his morphology and the type of underwear? If this choice is above all a matter of comfort and aesthetic sense of each one, it is always good to know how to choose his size of underwear for men.

How to choose a men's underwear size

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Knowing your measurements before choosing an underwear size

The first thing to know to choose the good size of underwear, it is your measurements. The measurement is therefore an essential step. To do this, take a flexible tape measure (for more precision) and measure the widest distance between your two hips. The waist size is rarely asked when it comes to men’s underwear, and by abuse of language, it is often your hip width that is meant when asking you for your waist size. Measure this distance to the nearest centimeter, because underwear is worn very tightly. The wrong size or measurement error will invariably lead to an unsightly appearance and even discomfort.

Know the international sizing system

The second step before you make your decision is to familiarize yourself with the sizing systems of the different countries. Especially if you order your underwear on the internet or by mail order. There are two systems. A standardized system, and a numerical system.

The standardized sizes generally range from S to XL in Europe, and from 2 to 18 in the US. But these standards vary according to the general morphology of the country. So it is better to refer to the size figures, in cm in Europe, and in inches in English-speaking countries. Once you have taken your measurements, you can divide them by 2.5 to obtain your height in inches.

To convert your size to US standard size, simply subtract 32 from your cm measurement. For example, your French size 38 will be a standard size 6 in the US. Simple and fast. If in doubt, refer to the size guides often available on online stores.

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The boxer: the best compromise between elegance and support

Statistically the favorite underwear of men. Initially conceived for sports, the boxer aims to limit friction on the inner thighs. That’s why the size is important. For aesthetic reasons then. Choose a size which allows a good support at the level of the elastic, and a fabric with the most close to the body. In case of doubt, it is better to take a size below yours than a size above. A boxer that is too loose around the waist or around the thighs and buttocks will be as uncomfortable as it is unsightly.

The classic boxer: priority to comfort

Often associated with the teenage years, the classic boxer shorts still have a great future as night underwear. Here, aesthetics is much less important than comfort. So when choosing the size, only a good support to the hips is essential not to be falling. The cut of the legs will only be a personal aesthetic choice.

However, for a real everyday wear, it will be important to select a size as close to the body and a shortened leg length. This is to prevent excess fabric from becoming visible under pants and creating unsightly bulges.

High or low waist briefs: figure enhancers and optimal support

The ideal undergarment to enhance and emphasize an athletic figure. They also have the advantage of offering optimal support. As long as you choose the right size with precision. The elastic support is not to be neglected. On this type of underwear, it is it that supports the majority of the tensions and a size too small will tighten you at the level of the lower belly, creating many frictions.

Many manufacturers then offer size options for the front and back. Because it is important that the cut of the garment remains very close to the body. However, there is no standard that can help you choose these shapes. Only experience and a few trials will help you find the right size. But the end result will be worth the effort.

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The thong: priority to elegance and sensuality

The great forgotten of the daily male wardrobe, it is often wrongly considered only as a sexy accessory. But the thong has a primary use: it is designed to be invisible under pants and to be forgotten by the wearer.

So choose a thong size according to your usual hip size, but beware of the volume available at the front to maintain your attributes. As for briefs, few manufacturers offer front pocket sizes that are independent of the general size of the underwear. Well selected and worn with taste, sexy male lingerie still has a bright future ahead of it.

The jockstrap: support in all circumstances

The jockstrap is an underwear designed to be worn very close to the body. Even very tight. The reason is simple, it is a sports underwear, particularly adapted to combat sports. Inspired by the clothes worn by Japanese sumo wrestlers and some oriental wrestlers, it aims to offer a perfect freedom of movement of the legs and hips, while maintaining firmly the sensitive parts of men. So choose according to your use the right size, or even a little smaller if you have a doubt. The jockstraps are then generally adjustable by means of small discreet straps to really adjust it to the millimeter.

A functional underwear, but which can make its effect.

Briefs and briefs with front pocket

More and more men’s underwear and lingerie is now available with a front pocket system. Whether you prefer to wear briefs or boxers briefs, there’s nothing to stop you from highlighting certain parts of your anatomy or enhancing certain shapes to round out your figure in a business suit, for example. The sizes of these underwear are chosen first of all according to your hip size, but you will have then the leisure to select a size and a shape of front pocket. No need to measure yourself though, pocket sizes are often standard, and will need to be tried on first.

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Men’s pushup underwear: the choice of sizes

To finish this tour of men’s underwear stores, let’s talk a little about men’s pushup underwear. No longer reserved only for women, they are more and more adapted to men (for the greatest happiness of the ladies, it is true). Once again, first choose the size according to your hips, and only then consider the degree of enhancement and form enhancement. Beware of excesses though, to avoid a too artificial silhouette, stay within the limits of good taste and favor natural and well-proportioned curves.

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