A tie might be a simple strip of fabric, but its sole purpose is to conform to a standard of elegance that started in the 20th century.

Although ties are worn traditionally by men, many women have adopted this style, which ideally complements the suit it’s worn with. But do you know how to tie a tie ?

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As you know, the tie knot being a focal point, you should consider whether you want the knot to be carved in front, either in front of a mirror or without a mirror.

This has become such a decorative element that must harmonize the suit’s ensemble: striped, plain, jean, hat, etc. Hence these motives with infinite variations.

Tie knots

Tie knots

The tie can be done in a tight or a loose knot. Wearing a tie, which can be considered a sign of social belonging and success (the one who’s always putting their best foot forward), the knot must be done with great care.

As we know, there are many variations of the knot. There are many easy tie knots such as (the four hands), the Victoria knot, the William Thomson or inverted single double knot (phew!), The Windsor or double knot, the Windsor half, the St. Andrew, the Plattsburgh etc.

Some mathematicians obsessed with their ties have counted up to 266,682 ways to tie a tie. But usually only one method or two is enough.

How to tie a tie ?

The simplest of the tie knots can be easily done in front of the mirror

After wrapping the tie around the shirt collar, make sure that the wider end hangs significantly lower in relation to the narrow end:

  1. You must cross the wide band at the same binding the two parts to ensure a nice knot.
  2. Go around the narrow strand with the widest and stretch slightly.
  3. The wide end goes under the narrow end and appears upside down in your mirror (visible back seam).
  4. The wide part goes around the little knot passing in front of your chin and comes back in the loop.
  5. It will be up to you how big or small the knot will be and can even flatten it.

how to tie a tie

To remove it: either you loosen the noose and put the whole over your head or you completely untie the knot to start over and avoid creasing the fabric.

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