Originally, the Celts wore gold or bronze hoops in their ears as a symbol of strength and power. Worn on the left ear, the jewel was a sign of connection with the earth and the goddesses of fertility. While the earring worn on the right ear consolidates the proximity between the man, the sky and the male gods. In ancient Egypt, men wore gold rings on their ears to adorn themselves, but also to protect themselves from evil spirits. The modern man’s earring is also a relic of the Victorian era, when this accessory was a sign of wealth and prosperity.

Today, the diamond earring for men is definitely in the air! How to choose the right one? In this complete guide, I give you all my advice!

Men's earrings diamond

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The choice of diamond: the essential element of your man’s earring

Diamond color is an important factor in grading diamonds, as well as in determining their value. Diamonds come in a variety of colors, ranging from near colorless, or “white” diamonds, to yellow or even brown. The main sources of color in diamonds are their natural impurities and the presence of trace elements during their crystallization in the rock. But also, diamonds contain traces of elements such as nitrogen, boron and silicon, which can give them their characteristic colors.

When you go to a jewelry store to choose your man diamond earring, the jeweler offers a color chart specific to this gemstone. The choice of a dark colored stone brings a mysterious side and a solitary soul to your style. While a yellow, brown or green stone, ideally matched to your eye color, definitely signals the uniqueness of your personality. If you want to emphasize your discretion, I advise you to opt for a white or even transparent diamond.

The shape of the diamond in your earring: subtlety above all

The shape of the stone in your earrings has an influence on your overall look. I advise you to take the time to try on the jewelry to make sure it matches the shape of your face.

Also consider the fact that diamonds come in different shapes. The most common are: round, pear, oval, and marquise.

The round diamond is the most common shape. The stone has a perfectly symmetrical appearance, which makes it ideal for a man’s earring. In addition, the rounded curves of this type of diamond soften your facial features, especially if you have a fairly pronounced jaw or chin.

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The oval or pear-shaped diamond occupies a larger surface on the earring. I advise you to choose this model if you have a rounded face.

The third most common diamond shape in jewelry stores is the marquise. Tapered like a fine, with pointed ends on each side of the stone, it offers an excellent option to the other 2 models of diamond for men’s earrings. With the main advantage of being able to highlight all faces and styles: long hair, beard, blond, brown, etc..

Which precious metal to choose for a man’s diamond earring?

Gold, silver or platinum? What is the most suitable metal for a man’s earring? It’s all a matter of taste!

For example, the luxury jeweler, Cartier, offers earrings in white, yellow and pink gold, but also in platinum. These metals are extremely resistant to corrosion, which allows them to remain impeccable over the years. So, if you are looking for jewelry that can be worn in all circumstances, including during a vacation at the sea, or in a pool, I can only advise you to opt for these metals. You can also extend your shopping for men’s earrings to brands such as Gucci or Dior. These houses offer gold and silver jewelry in their collection.

The size of your man’s earring: a question of carat!

The carat is a unit of measurement used to quantify the mass of a diamond. In general, the purer the diamond, the greater its weight, and the higher its price. The clarity of a diamond depends on its degree of bluing, its degree of opacity and the number of defects visible to the naked eye. A rough diamond usually weighs between 1 and 2 carats.

Only the eye of an expert can evaluate the value of your stone. This is also the reason why I advise you to buy your jewel in a reputable and safe place! Especially since the number of carats of a diamond influences its price. The size of your earrings depends on your budget.

diamond earrings for men by Cartier

Diamond earrings for men by Cartier

How to recognize real diamonds?

Diamonds are one of the most precious stones in the world. But, they are also the most imitated! With careful observation, you can quickly distinguish between real diamonds and copies.

Indeed, real diamonds are made of pure carbon, and have a crystal structure. While diamond copies tend to be slightly colored, or have micro-scratches. Also, the brilliance of real diamonds comes from the stone itself, while fake diamonds reflect the light of their surroundings, like a mirror.

And, of course, the price is an indicator that certifies the authenticity of the stone you are buying for your men’s earring.

Resolutely aesthetic and perfectly timeless, men’s earrings are always in fashion trends. Once you have set your budget, you can start looking for the jewelry that suits you in every way. From its shape and color, the type of metal on which the diamond is set, and finally its size in carat.

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