Do you know the Nuxe cosmetic line? These beauty products are very famous and can only be found in perfumeries or parapharmacies. Oils, skincare, creams, sun protection, the brand reinvents itself and diversifies for men and women. Because yes, Nuxe is not only for women.

I tested one of the brand’s flagship products: the famous rich prodigious oil and I give you my opinion in all objectivity. Does Nuxe really have everything right with its oil? Is it really so prodigious? Is it a must-have cosmetic for any man concerned about his beauty and his skin? Well, that’s what I suggest you discover about Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

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Why Nuxe?

In 1989, Aliza Jabès, a young visionary entrepreneur, bought the Nuxe laboratory. The name of the brand is not chosen at random. It is the contraction of the N of nature and the UXE of luxury, or the luxury of nature, or nature is a luxury. As you can see, Nuxe is a chic brand that offers only quality products.

Aliza Jabès, helped by her pharmacist father, believes in the richness of nature to sublimate all skin types. However, she wants to get out of the shackles imposed by the dermatological care imposed in parapharmacy. She developed products that she offered to all women (before opening up to men’s beauty) in search of natural, high-performance skin care products, enriched with a real touch of sensuality. Thus, in 1991, Nuxe’s rich oil prodigieuse arrived on the market and became a best-seller in no time.

The history of the brand

As a graduate of Science Po Paris with an MBA in Marketing and Finance, Aliza Jabès has a great deal of foresight. Since its creation in 1991, the prodigious oil has become the emblem of the brand, but the entrepreneur does not want to stop there.

In 1995, the laboratory launched a nourishing, high-performance lip balm: Baume Lèvres Nuxe Rêve de Miel. To this day, one lip balm is sold every minute throughout the world.

Then in 1999, ALiza introduced moisturizing body care products based on plant milks and essential oils: the Crème Fraîche de Beauté product line.

In 2002, the doors of the first Nuxe SPA opened and the laboratory received the innovation award in 2007. Then, the range, until then, only intended for women, proposes a male pole in 2010 and sun care in 2013.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse : an iconic product?

In 2012, a prodigious oil was sold every 6 minutes worldwide. Today, an oil is sold every 11 seconds. So much so that the success of the small square bottle is no longer to be made.


Very elegant, the bottle has a rectangular shape with a golden cylindrical cap. With a capacity of 3.3oz, the rich prodigious oil promises durability thanks to its formula highly concentrated in moisturizing active ingredients. It allows to nourish the face and the body in a single gesture. The rich prodigious oil can also be applied in care, on the lengths.

Texture and composition

The texture is a relatively fatty oil, since it is intended for very dry skin. However, once applied, you will not feel an unpleasant sensation as you would expect. The oil does not leave any sticky film on the skin.

Nuxe sets the bar very high with the composition of the oil since it is formulated with 98% ingredients of natural origin. It is a blend of 7 high quality and 100% vegetable oils, including: macadamia oil, camellia oil, argan oil that I no longer need to introduce for its many benefits, hazelnut oil, borage oil particularly nourishing, Tsubaki and finally the precious sweet almond oil. The fragrance of this prodigious rich oil comes from a clever balance of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla.

Ease of use

The product is extremely easy to use. Simply remove the cap and push the button to see the oil gush out like an ocean of pleasure.

You just have to put a small amount of rich prodigious oil in the palm of your hand. In general, I advise you to warm the material by rubbing your hands together, before applying the oil on your skin. You can test it on your face after shaving. You will be pleasantly surprised by the softness of your skin and even on your beard, the oil will give a silky and shiny finish without greasing.

Its 3.3oz container and its airtight seal make it easy to slip the product into your toiletry bag when traveling.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: what to think ?

At first glance, you might be less excited about this Nuxe treatment. Nuxe, despite their quite honorable efforts to develop a range of cosmetic products for men, was for many rather intended for female customers. In fact, Nuxe’s marketing department seems to validate this hypothesis.

In fact, if you do some simple research, you’ll find that Nuxe has mastered the codes for selling products to women with great posters and ads. Men’s skin care products, even if they exist, remain a bit on the fringe to this day. However, the rich prodigious oil was sold as a mixed product. But does it deliver on its promise?


The care given to your skin, both on the face and body, is going to be immediate. Your skin will look suppler, silkier and healthier. Your dry skin worries will be behind you thanks to the application of this oil. Nuxe keeps its promises on this one. The same goes for the composition of the oil, which is almost 100% natural, which is rare for a product of such great effectiveness. The 3.3oz container is just perfect. However, to test it, I saw that it was possible to get bottles of about ten mL.


In my opinion, the rich prodigious oil remains a product more intended for women than for men. Indeed, beyond the aspect of the bottle and the golden tint of the oil that will speak more to a female clientele, the perfume, too, is very feminizing. The notes of orange blossom and vanilla give a sweet taste that will not necessarily suit you.

Moreover, if you don’t take the time to let the product penetrate your epidermis, the oil can stain your white shirts. And unfortunately, you can’t always take the extra time in the morning to spread it all over your body, inch by inch.

Bottom line

In all objectivity, the rich prodigious oil scores many points on the results it offers and in a rather short time. In two weeks, you will clearly see an improvement in the texture and quality of your skin. However, the scent may be very unpleasant. In my opinion, the rich prodigious oil is a product created and intended for women. If nothing is done about the fragrance, few men will dare to wear it.

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