Is your skin showing what we call the first signs of ageing, more specifically fine lines and wrinkles, and are they beginning to dampen your spirits? I’ve got a product to help you put the smile back on your face and forget about your mature skin. Which product? Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream. Read all about it in my post!

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Anti-Aging Cream

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream in detail

Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream is the result of research by the Biotherm laboratory, an expert in men’s skin care. With this cream, Biotherm is targeting men over 40. The laboratory wants to make those little signs disappear which, even if we don’t admit it to ourselves, we really don’t like.

How can they do it? Thanks to its active ingredients, of course! The product contains seaweed extracts chosen primarily for their action against wrinkles (and their fellow wrinkles). But the laboratory naturally doesn’t stop there, and in order to offer an innovative product in this overloaded field, it uses all its experience to come up with a care product that’s out of the ordinary. What does this mean?

Perhaps you’ve already heard of it, but some time ago Biotherm released a new technology that shook up the cosmetics world: “multi-layer”. This principle is based on the “three-in-one” concept.

It is based on three main components:

  • the algae of youth
  • the plankton of life
  • Pro-xylane. Combined

These elements have a toning and firming action. The treatment also improves skin texture and strengthens the skin by providing the necessary nutrients.

It is both an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle treatment. Its aim? To counter all the signs that mature skin can display. It is presented as acting on several levels. It improves skin appearance and quality. It remodels the skin and intensely nourishes it. Skin is more resistant and less wrinkled!

Biotherm gives figures for the effectiveness of its product: Skin looks firmer for 81% of users. Skin texture is refined for 72% of users. Over 64% of wrinkles are smoothed

This treatment is designed to act on 5 signs of skin aging: wrinkles, lack of firmness, dull, uneven skin tone and dehydration.

More information on ingredients

Anti-ageing algae or spirulina

Spirulina is a well-known ingredient in today’s cosmetics world. It has several actions: it purifies the epidermis and detoxifies it in depth (eliminating toxins and heavy metals). In fact, it is a major antioxidant. It is also used to regenerate the skin and is used in medicine to help healing. It has a revitalizing action on skin cells thanks to the mixture of proteins and carotenoids it contains. It boosts skin oxygenation, helping to combat the signs of skin ageing.

Life plankton

This is a natural activator of skin functions. Its role? To repair the skin’s structure, increase epidermal cohesion, redensify cutaneous tissue and increase skin elasticity.


This natural molecule plays a vital role in fighting wrinkles and boosting skin tone. It stimulates the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

How to use the product on your face ?

If you’d like to find out more about Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream and the opinions of different users, you’ll find many positive comments on the net.

The serum can be applied daily, either in the morning and evening, or just once a day. It’s pleasant to apply and leaves no oily film on the skin. Its texture is fresh and quickly absorbed. It’s ideal for sensitive skin. Its pump bottle makes dosing easy. Apply all over the face (after cleansing and shaving is best).

Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream is suitable for all skin types

Independent tests have been carried out. The results show a 33% increase in tone, 12% more firmness, 16% more suppleness and 90% better hydration 4 hours after applying the serum.

And what do users think?

Even if the promises are there, the product can’t perform miracles in just one application! So don’t dream! But if you take a look at the reviews of those who have used it, you’ll see that fine lines and shallow wrinkles are smoothed out after a month’s use. Nevertheless, you’ll regain radiance more quickly (allow a week on average).

Many people appreciate the product’s fluid, fresh texture. Some even overuse it in summer to refresh their face! Its scent is also appreciated, just the right dose to smell good without overdoing it!

Bottom line

Biotherm Homme Force Supreme Youth Architect Cream is a good product that benefits from Biotherm’s experience in men’s cosmetics. It will help your skin to resist better, but naturally, if your skin is very wrinkled, it won’t work miracles. You should consider using it at the very first signs of skin aging (loss of firmness and radiance). It will be all the more effective!

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