Of all cosmetics, body wash is certainly the most used body care product on a daily basis. In addition to being a cleanser, it has many other uses, such as moisturizing or treating. And this is why most of the washing gels today are intended to answer very particular needs. Preparations for oily or dry skin, for sensitive or sensitized epidermis, not always easy to find your way.

Here are some effective tips to help you find a shower gel that will not attack your skin, but will instead help you take care of it.

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1. Choose a body wash adapted to your skin type guys !

Knowing your skin, understanding its needs and respecting its particularities are essential steps when looking for the perfect shower gel. But what exactly is a perfect shower gel? Well, I’ll give you a hint: it’s the liquid soap that suits YOU.

Do you have sensitive skin? It’s best to avoid washing preparations containing allergenic ingredients such as paraben or methylchloroisothiazolinone.

Your skin is rather dry? Choose shower gels that are superfatted, or concentrated in products known for their moisturizing effect, such as honey and avocado oil.

Do you have oily skin? Ingredients with purifying and astringent properties will help you fight excess sebum and the shiny effect.

2. Determine the origin of your skin problems

Nearly 1 in 3 people are affected by skin problems. And more than 80% of these people would not try to put a name on the origin of their problems. Stress, anxiety, diet or genetics, it is however essential to determine the source of its skin problem, rather than trying to continuously treat the consequences. To get rid of your problem for good, you must first eradicate the cause.

Here’s an example: take a teenager who is prone to acne breakouts. No matter how many soaps, lotions and specific products you recommend, you’ll never prevent the eruption of new pimples. At best, you will limit the risk of superinfection and the appearance of scars. However, there are many solutions that are both definitive and effective. It is possible to regulate the hormones responsible for this disorder by using an appropriate treatment. And for the most skeptical, it will be a matter of letting time do its work.

3. Prefer a 100% natural shower gel

Natural, organic and vegan shower gels are now a real success. And for good reason: they are not only healthier for the epidermis, but also much more environmentally friendly. Not to mention that the use of natural ingredients greatly limits the risk of allergenic reactions, unlike chemical-synthetic products.

In spite of everything, it is the latter that continue to flood the supermarket shelves. And for what reason? Notably because of lobbying and prejudices inculcated by society, such as the belief that natural plant-based remedies are ineffective. However, all the drugs elaborated by the pharmaceutical laboratories are composed of natural ingredients which will be transformed thereafter.

The same is true for shower gels which actively participate in preserving your health by taking care of your skin on a daily basis.

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4. Seek advice from health professionals

There are many professionals who can guide you in your search for a shower gel that is not aggressive or irritating to the skin. Starting with your general practitioner or your pharmacist. As skin problems are more common than we think, they will certainly be able to guide you, or at least inform you about certified brands. You may also need to consult a specialist in skin problems such as a dermatologist.

In any case, this is the most logical thing to do when you have very specific needs. He or she will also be the only one who can prescribe products that are reimbursed by health insurance.

5. Buy in specialized stores

Another advice I could give you is to buy your shower gels and other cosmetic products directly in specialized stores, some of which offer the zero waste cosmetic format, therefore refillable. If it is their main activity, you are almost sure to get reliable products. After all, their reputation depends on the satisfaction of their customers.

To which you could retort: yes, but at what price? Well, it all depends on your needs, the shops you visit, but also on your way of consuming. A little trick to pay less is simply to look at the prices per kilo. You will then realize that prices differ greatly depending on the packaging. Indeed, you will often pay more for a 350 ml bottle than a 1000 ml container.

And if you buy online, ordering your shower gels in a batch rather than individually will save you money on shipping costs.

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