Are you a fan of hair pomade? If so, you probably know how helpful it is during hair styling. However, not everyone can attest to this; because some haven’t mastered the art of pomading.

If you’re one of them, don’t fret – this post is for you. You’ll learn everything you need to know about this styling product and how to get the best out of it.

But first, you need to understand that even if you’re using the right type of pomade, the resulting style won’t meet your expectations without proper application and use. If you’ve never used pomade before, it may be a bit tricky to apply it correctly.

Hair Pomading Tips for Men

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So, for optimal results, here’s what you need to do:

1. Hold Strength – Get the Right Amount

One of the most important aspects of a pomade product is its hold. There are three main types – light, medium, and high hold. Obviously, this quality or aspect is what keeps a hairstyle in place.

Therefore, depending on the type of hairdo you are aiming for, ensure you get a sufficient amount of hold for all-day styling.

But, you also need to be a bit wary with this. Because hold is also a big contributor to hair loss. How? Well, when you have thin, weak hair, using high-hold pomades exerts unnecessary stress and tension on your strands. And that can lead to breakage and hair damage. You want to ensure that you have a nice head of hair for a lifetime, so it’s imperative that you follow these steps.

Advisably, use light to medium hold pomades on thin hair and high-hold products on thick, untamable hair types. If you have a hairstyle that has to be held in place, you can look into hair wax as it will perform better.

2. Shine Level

How much shine are you aiming for? Do you want a glossy or natural look? Well, shine levels come in three different categories – matte/low, medium, and high shine. Depending on the type of hairstyle you have, you’re going to want to decide for yourself what’s the right type of shine for you.

For hairstyles like the Slick Back or Pompadour, a high-shine pomade works best. However, if you want to pomade your hair without losing its natural look/appearance, opt for a matte product; good examples of natural-looking haistyles include Faux Hawks and Mohawks.

3. Washability – It Should Be Easy To Clean Out

I know you are wondering; how can one tell if a pomade is easy to wash or not?

Well, it is all about the base. Pomades come in different bases; the most common ones are water, oil, or wax-based. Find the right one for you below:

  • Water-Based Pomades – These types are the easiest to clean off. And that’s because they’re soluble in water. That’s why water-based pomades come highly recommended.
  • OilBased Pomades – As the name suggests, these products have a high oil content. Therefore, they are also a bit easy to wash off; but with the help of some soap or shampoo. You are better off buying an oil-based pomade when you want a firmer hold from a product that washes off with ease.
  • WaxBased Pomades – These products offer the strongest and most lasting holds. However, they are the worst when it comes to washability. You might have to clean your hair more than twice to wash a wax-based pomade off completely.

4. Towel Dry Your Hair

Aside from a few exceptional instances, it’s always advisable to apply pomade to towel-dried hair. Why? Because most pomades get activated by moisture.

And when you towel dry, your hair retains a little dampness. Making it easier for you to work in (apply) the product. This is imperative for the best results.

5. Use Small Amounts of Product at a Time

Lastly, as tempting as it may be, restrain yourself from using a lot of product in a single application. Especially, when dealing with a new (unfamiliar) pomade. Doing so not only impacts your hair negatively but also counts as wastage; because you’ll have to wash it off and start afresh. Take your time and be patient when applying to get the best results.

On the contrary, using pea-sized amounts per application allows you to gradually add the product until you attain the desired style/effect. Try to use as little as possible to avoid waste and extend the lifespan of your pomade.


Final Thoughts

It may be intimidating to use pomade for the first time, but by following these steps you’ll have no issue getting the best results. It can take some practice to get the look just right, but experiment with a few different brands and find the one you like.

Once you use pomade, you’ll look back and wonder how you ever lived without it! If you’re looking for something that can hold your hairstyle for longer periods of time, then you’re going to want to give hair wax a try.

Experiment and find what’s right for you, you may find that you prefer wax over pomade and vice versa.

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