Dyeing your hair gray when you are a man requires taking some precautions and following the dyeing protocol for a perfect result !

So that’s it guys, I’ve convinced you to color your hair gray? Now it’s all about choosing the right products and doing the right things to make your coloring a success. You can of course have your hairdresser do the dyeing, but for those who want to take care of themselves directly, here are the basic steps to follow to make your color a success.

However, before you start, you should know that you should never use hair color on your face. Unless contraindicated on the packaging, hair dyes are absolutely not suitable for facial hair. In addition, there are special products to dye your beard, hair and eyebrows.

dye men's grey hair

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Consult a professional first

It’s important to get confirmation from a seasoned hairdresser that you can color your hair gray without risk to your scalp.

In fact, although it is relatively rare, coloring can devitalize the hair. In other words, the dye will make your hair die. The hair will then be difficult to style and, in the long run, your hair will grow less and less well. This preliminary consultation is therefore absolutely necessary to avoid making mistakes.

Identify your expectations

What type of color do you want for your hair? Do you want to radically change from your natural color to gray? Would you rather just cover up your salt-and-pepper strands like I do? Do you want a natural dye or a trendy rock look?

So many questions must be answered before any maneuver in order to avoid disappointment.

Using the right product to dye your gray hair guys !

Before proceeding with the coloring itself, it is essential to choose the right coloring product. It is now quite easy to find gray dyes for men. Beware, coloring for men is different from that for women, because we do not have the same nature of hair. Women’s dyes are more powerful and could damage your hair or in extreme cases cause hair loss.

Select high or medium range brands. If you take the first price, you may be disappointed. The product may be too strong, the color may not match what you are looking for. Also, choose well-known brands over low-cost coloring, which does not last very long.

Choosing the right color

There is gray and gray. You’ll find many variations on the shelves. Select a shade that is a little darker than your natural color to get nice shades.

If you take a shade that is too far from your own, the gray may turn and you will be disappointed. Also, when you grow it out, the white roots will show up more.

Check your product tolerance

If this is your first dye job or if you’ve changed brands, it’s important to test your tolerance to the product 24 hours before applying it to your entire head of hair.

Some dye substances can cause severe allergies. It’s better to be safe than sorry by testing the product on a very small area of your hair, such as just behind your ear. If redness or itching occurs, forget about the brand and use a less aggressive one.

Apply the right protocol to color gray hair

The big day for coloring hair gray has arrived! Men’s hair dye, whether it’s gray or another color, is based on the same principle as applying hair color to a woman’s hair. The protocol is written on the product’s packaging, and should be followed to the letter.

First, check the length of the application so that you are not pressed for time. Then cover your shoulders with a towel to protect your clothes from dye stains. Prepare the bowl by pouring in the dye. Don’t forget to put on gloves to prevent your fingers from getting stained too. Do you have the brush to spread the dye? Here we go.

In general, coloring is done on dry hair. Simply spread the paste evenly throughout the hair and let it sit for a specific amount of time (25 to 40 minutes depending on the brand). You can also try a balayage by coloring only a few strands (which you will protect from the rest of the hair with aluminum foil or other).

Once the time is up, you must rinse the hair to remove the excess dye. It’s already done. You can wash your hair normally.

Use the right care products

Note that each shampoo fades the dye. Over time, the dye disappears. While hair growth is inevitable and gradually reveals natural roots, it is possible to prolong the life of the dye.

Special shampoos for colored hair are very effective and can be combined with masks and weekly treatments.

For gentlemen with long or medium-length hair like mine, keep in mind that coloring will dry out the ends and will require a lot of attention to avoid split ends and the straw effect. Use a moisturizing hair care product to minimize this.

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