Hair coloring for men is becoming more and more trendy, allowing you to change your style in a very easy way, or to camouflage white hair that can be complex for some of you. But in itself, hair coloring is a new fashion accessory that allows you to change your style endlessly, according to your desires. Brown, red, blonde, short, long, curly, straight… There are no limits!

However, men’s hair coloring is gradually becoming more common, but is not yet as common as for women, who have been used to this practice for many decades.

It is therefore difficult to find your way around when you know nothing about it, and even more so when faced with the multitude of products available. So: home or salon hair coloring? Sweep or bleach? Can I do highlights? There are many ways to get the color you want and the color that suits you best.

The most important thing is to get a natural result. Indeed, there is nothing worse, especially for a man, than going out with a totally artificial color. But don’t panic, gentlemen, I’ll take you with me on a little tour of all the solutions I’ve found for you!


Bleaching is a process of lightening your hair that will gradually depigment it. Be careful, however, because it is an effective technique, but very aggressive for the hair, which will damage it.

It is best to trust a hairdresser, especially if it is your first time. The hair will be lightened in several stages according to the desired result.

But before that, it is necessary to prepare your hair well to avoid that they are damaged too quickly, and especially to maintain your bleaching well on a daily basis. As you can see, bleaching is effective, but requires a lot of work before and after to keep your hair strong, supple and healthy.

My tips: make sure you use hair care products or oil baths to moisturize and nourish your hair before bleaching. Also, avoid using heated appliances, which are often hard on your hair

Once you’ve taken the plunge: use a gentle shampoo to wash your hair, which has been weakened by bleaching. Once a week, comfort your hair with a hair mask, preferably a natural one, to deeply rehydrate it. Finally, consider coconut oil, which you leave on overnight. Your best ally for soft, silky hair.


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Blonde highlights

Blonde highlights also require some bleaching. They will be sharp and marked, making a real contrast with your natural shade. Like for example the big fashion of the 90’s with a brown on the roots and blond highlights at the end of the hair, on a spiky hairstyle. This is a technique that is less popular with men, because it is the one with the least natural look.

However, if this is your style, and a style that you assume, then go for it!

Once again, prefer the know-how of a hairdresser who will be able to advise you according to your hair type and color for a result worthy of the most beautiful models. Don’t hesitate to show your hairdresser some hairstyle models so that you are on the same wavelength.

Blonde balayage

Blonde balayage for men was popularized by movie actors and especially by the iconic California blonde worn by Los Angeles surfers. The blond balayage uses the same technique of bleaching, but in a much more subtle way. It features only a few bleached strands throughout the hair. This technique gives relief and movement to your hairstyle with this vacation blonde effect or I spent all my summer in the sea and the sun. It’s a very natural, warm and luminous look.

Men's hair: bleaching, blond highlights and balayage, what are the differences

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Here again, I advise you to go through the expert hands of a professional hairdresser. And that for several good reasons. Firstly, because the balayage must be discreet and subtle, which is not necessarily easy when we are not used to the exercise. S

econd, because depending on your natural hair color, you can’t know or control the effect that bleaching will have on your hair structure. Hair coloring is an exercise in chemistry and depending on the weight, you can turn green or red and the result will not be very good.

So don’t take any chances, and trust a seasoned colorist

As with bleaching, balayage must be maintained on a daily basis. So avoid unprotected exposure to the sun. Yes, I know, we tend to think that the sun will lighten our blond hair a little more, but it will actually damage and dry out your hair even more. Be careful!

Also, to keep a bright blond, we will bet on a purple shampoo, to avoid that your coloring turns to the dubious yellow, and is not at all the natural effect so desired.

Also continue to do hair masks once a week to nourish your hair in depth after all these aggressions. Of course, don’t overdo the balayage. I repeat, it is a technique that damages the hair. So space them out by 3 or 4 months.

As you can see, whatever technique you use, the best thing to do is to trust professional hairdressers who can advise you and take care of you in the best possible way. If you color your hair at home, you can’t be sure of the result, and it will cost you a lot of money to make up for it. If it is possible to make up for it…

Finally, a change of hair color can lead to a different perception of you in the eyes of those around you, which is not always easy to accept. So take the time to think about the change you want to make, look for models, do some research, go see a facialist, but don’t throw yourself into such a transformation lightly.

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