A perm is a natural and a chemical process. If you have naturally curly hair, your hair could be considered a perm and would work for any curly style.

If you have straight hair, it is a chemical process that will put ringlets in your hair. That is the first thing to know when considering curls.

The second thing to know is that a perm will work for short, medium, or long hair. Even so, a thicker head of hair is better than thinner hair to keep the curl from falling out too fast. A perm will usually work fine on a man’s hair. Depending on what type of curl the man wants, it will curl it up or produce a body wave.

The thickness and texture of someone’s hair are ways you can determine what type of curl you will end up with after the process of putting one in is complete.

Best Perm Hairstyles For Men

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A tussled or sleek man’s hair-do depends on the man himself. Even so, most men still find themselves keeping the ordinary and simple look of a short and straight cut. However, those who want to throw a little bit of volume into their hair game will sport some ringlets and dress them up appropriately.

1. The Wave for Days

The wave will not present a head full of tight curls. Instead, this style will achieve just what the name describes-wavy. It may also be a bright idea to grow your hair a little longer before going in for this men’s perm.

It will work better on longer hair. The flow of the waves will depend on the roller or rod. If you want an exceptionally loose wave, a medium to large hair rod will be a perfect size. After you go curly, you can style and cut it in any way you want, and don’t forget to use a good shampoo for curly hair !

However, you should leave the top a little longer and apply a good mousse brand if you plan to opt for a short style cut.

2. The Fringe is in

This hair-do is a very trendy hairstyle for men in 2021. It establishes some bangs draped over the forehead while keeping the top full and dramatic. You can wear it in several ways to create the attention you want. Keep it longer and one length, or cut a fade around the top curls. A look that is better suited for natural curls is a fringe perm.

3. The Digital Loops

Not only does this sound interesting, it gives a fancy but constructed look all at the same time. It is truly a style for the current era and the modern man. The stylist will need to use a temperature system controlled by a digitally charged machine to get this loose look with plenty of volumes that looks like tangled-up wires.

The process is also beneficial to the conditioning of a man’s hair. The specially made curling machine not only curls the hair in just the way the man wants, but it does it while rejuvenating the hair so the curl will last longer. This hairstyle looks neater with a short fade cut.

4. The Curly Caesar

To better reference the Caesar style, it is better to call it a cut. The Caesar is in relation to the Roman emperor Julius Caesar who wore his hair short but combed forward. It does not depend on a specific type of curl. It relies more on the cut a man gets to bring out the unique look and the curls. This style is a classic.

However, it is still relevant as a trendsetter today. It is nice with either curly or straight hair. It looks dapper on a man with a chiseled face. It brushes bangs down just slightly over the forehead, straight across the frame. It is shorter around the entire head, even on top.

5. The Flaxen Faux Hawk

There are several ways you can design a Faux Hawk. One is keeping straight hair, and the other is wearing a perm. It is negotiable, but the coils do seem to make it more attractive on a man. Boys can do straight, but men look sexy with some curl. This hair-do has reestablished itself recently.

When it first appeared, you would see a man wear it with a noticeably short fade. Nowadays, even though it is cut short around the Faux Hawk, there is still a bit of length and thick texture on the sides. The top of the hair is the curly Faux Hawk that is tussled and pushed up towards the face. It can look both debonair and edgy on a man.

6. The Bleached Blonde Look

If you are not naturally blonde or have a natural curl, you should note that the bleached perm will take two separate hair appointments to accomplish. Both will have chemical compounds that could damage hair if done in one trip to the salon. Therefore, curl your hair and then wait several weeks to do the bleach part. This style is simple but fun. It does not have a complicated cut.

It is structured as one length all the way around the head with soft curls. The top of the hair should not be as tight as the full head of hair; This is so that the rings will hang in a way that will look whimsy. The bleached part of this hairstyle is where the fun part forms. It will be up to the person to decide where to apply the bleach. You can always go for an all-over look or bleach the curls right on top as the curls flow to the front of the face.

7. The Hard Side Part

The Hard Part hairstyle is structured to fall to one side-either right or left. It will be up to the man. Once a man decides which side his curls will lay, a noticeable shaved line will show the parted side. The coils stand volumized with some gel. The gel is a good tool for any man’s hairstyle and is used on this one to keep the parted look in place.

There is an asymmetrical, relaxed look to this style. The style also looks vogue when a man has long loose curls that he lets flow to the side.

8. The Meet at the Middle Part

This hair-do is more for the young adult. It is an attractive and trendy style parted down the middle. You rarely see a man wear this style anymore. The middle part perm Is flattering on men who have a more youthful look.

To achieve this look is simple. It does not require a tight curl but instead long loose ones that make the curls fall more to the bottom of the hair. Usually, the hair will be all the same length for a more rebel without a cause look.

9. The Popular Pompadour

The Pompadour is about height, and it does not matter if you wear it to the side or straight back. However, the hairstyle would not be the Pompadour without the technique you use to fix it. For straight hair, you would comb it straight back and gel it up with some height. You would fix it to the side and then back from the front and use the gel for the side look.

However, when styling curls, you need to be careful not to comb them so much that the rings fall flat. The gel will be the key to success when fixing your curly Pompadour. Note that your fingers are a better comb for curly hair when styling this specific style.

10. The Spiral Mohawk

The mohawk is such a versatile hairstyle. It does not just consist of a strip down the middle. It is how you construct that strip that makes it a unique look for a man. And yes, one of the better mohawks for men is the permed mohawk. Although the mohawk is a big attention grabber, you should know that it could be harder to have a full mohawk with curly hair. Many men who want curl will go for a flat top type of mohawk. It is easier to use products like gel or mousse to keep it structured. However, if a man has looser curls, you could achieve the messy mohawk. You could also save some length on the side, but usually, a mohawk does look its best when the sides are shaved super low. That way, eyes are entirely drawn to the hairstyle. And that is what most men want if they are sporting this hairstyle-all attention on them!

Bottom line

To summarize the different men’s permed hairstyles, it would be wise to remember that a man must invest in superior quality hair products to achieve most of these looks. These products will be available at any top-ranked salon. While some of these styles are casual and carefree and do not need a lot of work, most of the ones listed here will need a little construction work to pull them off.

Although this article explicitly discusses curly hairstyles for men, a person could consider that a lot of them work with straight hair as well. Also, there may be more design tricks for a few of the hairstyles-not just one.

The way men style their hair has grown through the years, and men are taking more time in the barber chair to sit down and pick a style. With so many hairstyles to choose from, it is a clever idea to have a reliable reference to which one you might want to try on.

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