The Brazilian straightening is a particular technique of hair straightening which comes from Brazil and which makes it possible to slacken the capillary fibre without damaging it.

Ideal for straightening and treating frizzy, thick or damaged hair, the Brazilian straightening technique strengthens your hair while making it shinier, by providing a massive dose of keratin directly to the heart of the hair. This service is very fashionable today, as is the perm for men, and is offered by many hairdressers.

So do you want to get started and have smooth and silky hair? Here is everything you need to know about Brazilian straightening, before you succumb.

Brazilian straightening for guys

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What is Brazilian straightening (products and technique)?

The Brazilian straightening technique consists of injecting liquid keratin into the hair scales. This technique, which is also a treatment, strengthens the hair scales and makes them stronger and shinier. While in everyday life, the hair is protected by its scales, which are damaged by aggression, the addition of keratin helps to repair them and makes them smoother.

During a Brazilian straightening, several products are used: keratin, hyaluronic acid or glyoxylic acid or cysteine (smoothing products), as well as formalin

Keratin is a protein that is naturally present in the hair, but which is damaged and has the disadvantage of not regenerating. The contribution of liquid keratin in the heart of the hair is thus the basis of the Brazilian straightening.

Formaldehyde, which is harmful to health, is a chemical product used to preserve human tissue and is used in very small quantities to help fix the keratin on the hair.

Why make the choice to perform a Brazilian straightening (benefits)?

The advantages and benefits of Brazilian straightening are numerous:

  • Brazilian straightening is above all a hair styling technique that allows you to straighten your hair. If you dream of a perfect straightening in the morning when you wake up without going through the blow-drying and plates, the Brazilian straightening is made for you.
  • Very powerful, it is the only technique that can perfectly straighten curly hair. For frizzy hair, the Brazilian straightening relaxes the hair. The curls are rather wavy and easier to work. Brazilian straightening makes styling easier. No more time wasted on blow-drying!
  • The Brazilian straightening is also a care. The contribution of keratin to the hair gives it back its shine, brilliance and strength. Brazilian straightening on hair damaged by daily straightening with plates, for example, can regenerate the hair and repair it in depth. Very dry or frizzy hair is also rehydrated thanks to the action of keratin.
  • The Brazilian straightening allows to keep a smooth hair for several weeks without (almost) any maintenance. It is a natural treatment, which softens the hair, unlike straightening which uses chemicals to break the structure of the hair and stiffen it. It can also be used on colored and mixed hair.
  • With this treatment, thick hair loses its volume, up to 70%.

Brazilian straightening can also be coupled with a lightener. For example, for blondes, we speak of silver straightening with a dejaunifying agent.

How does the treatment work?

At the hairdresser’s, it takes up to 3 hours for a Brazilian straightening depending on the length of your hair

First, the hair is washed with a special shampoo that aims to open the scales. The hair is thus prepared to receive the treatment.

Then, the liquid keratin is applied, with the help of a brush, strand by strand on the whole hair (a bit like for a coloring). In order to penetrate the heart of the hair, the keratin is left to set for a certain amount of time. It lasts between 30 and 40 minutes.

Since keratin works with heat, the hair is first dried with a hair dryer. Then, they are straightened with a straightening iron, which closes the hair scales. Each strand (maximum 1 cm wide) is passed under the plates at 180° (for sensitive hair) or 230° (for healthy hair) at least seven or eight times so that all the scales of the hair are well closed and that the keratin, thanks to the heat, is perfectly fixed on the hair.

How to maintain the straightening afterwards?

The 72 hours after the treatment are the most important for the treatment to last. It is necessary to avoid humidity, not to wash the hair, nor to tie it up. If you get water on your hair during this fateful 72-hour period after the treatment, you will have to rework the deformed strands with a straightening iron.

Moreover, shampoos also have an impact on the duration of the treatment. You should therefore be careful not to wash your hair too often (once or twice a week), using a sulfate- and sodium-free shampoo and applying a keratin mask once a week.

Before exposing your hair to the sun or swimming pool, it is necessary to protect your hair against keratin loss. A protective treatment is therefore highly recommended.

Finally, the more you do Brazilian straightening, the longer it will last.

How long does a Brazilian straightening last?

A Brazilian straightening done at the hairdresser’s lasts on average six months. If you have frizzy or curly hair, after four months the effects may be lessened. Of course, the more the above maintenance precautions are respected, the more the Brazilian straightening will continue its effects in the long run. You can make touch-ups with an iron to straighten hair that curls or frizzes.

What is the price for a Brazilian straightening?

Depending on the length of the hair, the Brazilian straightening done by a professional in a hair salon costs between $200 and $300, prices can go up to $600 at a more luxurious hairdresser.

But there are also kits for Brazilian straightening to do at home. The holding will be less important (only six weeks), but the price is much lower. For a good kit of Brazilian smoothing, it is necessary to count between 50 and 90 € the product. Now it’s up to you to choose your new haircut with your straight hair!

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