Beware, long hair is back in vogue among men! It’s time to succumb to the temptation of long hair. I encourage you to be daring and be right on trend. But you may have questions about how to maintain long hair.

Here are some ideas on how to care for your hair and make your mane look great. Length clearly shows the quality of the material. The longer the hair, the more important it is to care for it. If you’re going to be original or surf the trend, you might as well do it right. The devil is in the details. A well cared for and strong hair will give your hairstyle a boost. It will be the final touch that will make the difference.

long hair maintenance for men

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The secret: regular care

With a long haircut, hair can become dull if it is not regularly nourished. I suggest you give it the attention it deserves. After all, it’s a central element of your look, a personality revealer. A few quick and easy steps to take on a daily basis are enough to have a beneficial effect.

Your hair will be healthy and beautiful. Instead of aggressive products, I recommend using a strengthening shampoo and a nourishing treatment to moisturize your hair from root to tip. Without rinsing, they are quick to use and will protect your hair from the aggressions suffered throughout the day. It is an easy protection that should become systematic.

On colored hair, I suggest massaging the scalp with a few drops of vegetable oil, argan or coconut oil, just after shampooing. Their sheathing action protects the hair and gives it back its volume. Thanks to them, fine hair gains in density and shine.

Washing, use sparingly

I advise you to space out your shampoos. Rather than systematically washing your hair, twice a week is perfect. I can already hear the sportsmen crying out. It’s true, sports make hair greasy.

In this case, in order not to damage the hair repeatedly, I suggest alternating with a quick dry shampoo. This way, you can wait until the next wash while keeping your hair clean. Drying is just as important. The gentlest way is natural drying. Of course, there always comes a day when the emergency makes you resort to the hair dryer. It’s so convenient! If necessary, I recommend drying at a low temperature to preserve the hair fiber.

Detangling, the essential beauty step

A quick comb in the morning and that’s it. That was before! Detangling your hair every day means avoiding tedious knots. If you’ve already spent a few minutes on each knot, you’ll remember how much hair you’ve lost each time and how long you’ve been at it. This is part of the daily routine.

The most effective is the wide-tooth comb, which is less traumatic than the brush. On the day of shampooing, I suggest you detangle wet hair, starting with the ends. In addition, this step activates the circulation of the scalp, which is essential for dynamic hair growth. It’s true, the ideal would be to not have any knots.

There is no miracle cure, just a trick to limit the damage: tie your hair up overnight. This will solve a good part of the problem.

The hairdresser, the asset not to be neglected

Letting go of the short haircut doesn’t mean getting rid of the hairdresser. The hair requires it to remain tonic and neat. It is essential to cut the ends regularly.

I invite you to visit your regular hairdresser once every three months to eliminate dry ends and avoid split ends. Your hair will thank you for it and will stay healthy.

The strength of the hair is reflected in its appearance. Anyone who sees dull, dry hair will think that a trim would be good for it. If it is well cared for, it will enhance your look. If it is neglected, it will become a negative element that will alter your image.

The cut, the style to your image

Keeping your hair loose in the wind is fine. But, why not a more stylish cut? I advise you to talk to your hairdresser. Don’t worry, his imagination is fertile. He or she will be able to create the look that inspires you or advise you according to your morphology or your hair type.

The side parting is an undeniable asset to highlight soft hair. For a versatile hairstyle, I think of the “man bun” or chignon. It’s easy to do, quick and practical. The hair is pulled back and tied in a bun to show off the face. It’s the hairstyle to adopt on a daily basis or for a change for the evening. One drawback to be aware of, the ties break the hair. So doing this type of hairstyle every day can damage your hair in the long run.

Finishing, the little extra that can’t be ignored

Finishing products are the final touch to the hairstyle. For a “wet” look, I recommend gel. Take a little on your fingers and run it through your hair from front to back for a casual look. You can also put a little on your hair and comb through to smooth the hair.

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If you just want to give your hair some hold, styling wax is a good solution. Just rub it in your hands and use it to set a few strands. Finally, texturizing powder to add volume to fine hair and texturize hair. It can also make it easier to create and hold buns. Easy to use, avoiding application on the parting to eliminate the risk of white deposits, it can also give a “wavy” effect on the lengths. In this case, it is best to sprinkle it away from the roots before working the hair with the desired effect.

Summer, the season of all dangers

Hair suffers during the summer months. The sun, UV rays, the sea and sand form an aggressive cocktail for exposed hair. Sun protection for the skin has become a summer classic. This is not necessarily the case for hair.

However, there are protective vegetable oils that preserve the integrity of your hair. I encourage you to use them. After an exposure or after returning from your vacations, care is essential. Moisturization, which guarantees suppleness and shine, is fundamental.

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