The perception of white hair has evolved over the centuries for both men and women. In the past, it was associated with wisdom and experience, and younger people respected their elders. And even if this concept sometimes persists, it seems to be more often than not outdated. So… what about anti-gray hair treatments ?

In fact, our modern societies have never ceased to value beauty criteria associated with youth. To avoid being discredited, people with bleached hair have endeavored to conceal it. These concerns prompted researchers to devise treatments to mask, diminish or even halt this phenomenon. I’m going to share some of these secrets with you.

anti-gray hair treatments

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1. Permanent hair color

Performed in a salon or at home, permanent hair color is applied to the entire head of hair in less than an hour. Numerous shades of color are available, so you can choose to keep the same shade as your natural hair or, on the contrary, lighten or darken your original color.

The application of these dyes is increasingly easy and the products less aggressive. On the contrary, each box contains a number of beautifying treatments to be used before or after coloring. However, even if coloring is described as permanent, it only lasts 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the number of shampoos you use during this period. As soon as the hair grows back, the white roots reappear.

However, by applying coloring shampoos and conditioners in the same shade as your color, your color will be revived and prolonged.

2. Food supplements a anti-gray hair treatments

A number of laboratories claim that melanin supplements can recolor gray hair and even stop the emergence of new gray hairs. What’s more, these cures slow hair loss and promote hair growth.

Many brands offer this type of supplement, which I think is a good indication of their effectiveness. To date, there are no reliable studies confirming the effectiveness of this type of solution.

3. Pigmentation gels

Unfortunately, although gels that can re-pigment white hair are effective, their effects only occur on short hair. So men can easily benefit from them.

The process is similar to that of dietary supplements. Similarly, the use of this amino acid, the pigment that causes hair coloring, enhances hair vitality and beauty. It might be an anti gray-hair treatments that work

4. The creators of new pigments

New products have appeared on the market, promising not only to create new pigments for your gray hair, but also to influence its depigmentation in the years to come.

Numerous tests have validated this invention thanks to the high-performance results obtained. What’s more, hair health is improved. These treatments require very little effort: all you need to do is spray the scalp several times a day. Of course, it’s important not to rinse out this product, which works throughout the day to achieve the best results.

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5. Natural recipes for anti-gray hair treatments

In the past, coloring was much less common. Nevertheless, “grandmotherly” recipes have survived the ages to conceal white hair. Some people still follow these recipes, because they’re afraid of damaging their hair, or because they’re fans of natural products. One natural dye you’re all familiar with and often use is henna. It’s not strictly reserved for white hair – on the contrary, it’s more a fad followed by younger people – but you can still use this natural product.

Various plants also help to color white hair. For example, simply steep rosemary thorns in water, or sage, curry or black tea leaves. When these preparations are ready and cooled, massage them into your hair and leave for a while. Rinse and repeat on average twice a week. You can achieve the same effect by preparing 2 or 3 cups of black coffee and massaging it into your hair.

6. What does baking soda do to gray hair ?

Good question ! Baking soda is sometimes suggested as a home remedy for various hair-related issues, including gray hair. However, it’s essential to know that there is no scientific evidence to support the claim that baking soda can reverse or prevent gray hair. Gray hair is primarily caused by a reduction in the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for the color of your hair.

Baking soda is alkaline and can be abrasive to the hair and scalp. While it may help remove some product buildup and excess oil from the hair and scalp for exemple, using it too frequently or in high concentrations can lead to hair and scalp damage. Additionally, it can disrupt the natural pH balance of the scalp, potentially causing dryness and irritation.

Bottom line

These solutions may not be as long-lasting as other treatments, but they give you time to think before deciding which treatment is best for you. What’s more, as some women begin to celebrate, embrace and even reclaim their color, you may find yourself giving up on treatment altogether.

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