Having beautiful hair is not always something easy. Depending on the nature of your hair, you need to take different care of it on a daily basis. If, like me, you have questions, here are 10 tips to follow to have great hair and keep it healthy as long as possible!

Men's Hair daily routine

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1. Is your hair letting you down?

Hair loss is a problem that many of us dread. But before your hair starts to fall out, you can take action and do a few things every day to slow it down.

When you notice that your hair wants to leave you in an abnormal way, don’t hesitate to offer it daily anti-hair loss care. A product based on Minoxidil, for example, is an excellent complement to fight against the premature departure of your hair. To get the most out of your product, it is imperative that you use it every day. Without it, the treatment will have less obvious effects.

If unfortunately no product seems to work, there are solutions such as a hair transplant in Paris
for example, I explain in this post how it works. This could allow you to get your hair back within a few months and finally take care of it like never before!

2. Careful washing is very important

Washing your hair is a commonplace operation. But it’s not done any old way. If, like me, you think that washing your hair means lathering up any shampoo and rinsing it out, you are wrong! First of all, you need to choose the right shampoo that is perfectly suited to your hair type.

Apply a small amount of product so as not to suffocate your hair (no need to use too much!) and massage your scalp. A good massage once a day is ideal to let your scalp breathe, circulate the blood and energize it.

Don’t neglect this step and you’ll see that you won’t be able to do without it for a while.

If you want to treat oily hair, don’t wash it every day! This will accelerate the production of sebum. Instead, space out your shampoos and wash your head every few days. To remedy the “greasy problem”, use a dry shampoo or talcum powder that will absorb the excess sebum.

3. Rinse your hair well

When you say wash your hair, you naturally say rinse. It is a crucial step to have beautiful hair. The temperature of the water is very important.

You should not overheat your hair with water that is too hot. It is better to opt for lukewarm water or, for the bravest, cold water. This will tighten the scales and make the hair shinier. If you wash your hair every day, you’ll have to get used to it, but cold water will be a great help in keeping your hair looking good. If you wash your hair every few days, you can use warm water to rinse, and finish your wash with cold water.

It is during the rinsing that all the dirt will leave. If you don’t rinse well, the dirt will stay in place and your hair will be dull and sticky!

4. For or against the dryer?

This tool is usually used by women, but it can also be very suitable for men. But what about its usefulness for hair? It is true that today many models are equipped with gentle techniques to protect the hair.

If you are a fan of this method of drying, you can opt for a model with a built-in comb that will save you time and massage your scalp to give it a boost.

However, using a blow dryer can dry out your hair fiber, especially if you like to be warm. Opt for low temperatures and avoid using it every day to spare your hair.

Instead, use a towel to rub your hair, especially if you wash your hair every day.

5. Style your hair well !

Passer le peigne ne se fait pas au hasard. Il est important de choisir le bon outil pour ne pas abimer ses cheveux. Il faut donc choisir le bon peigne pour bien les entretenir. Les cheveux fragiles apprécieront les peignes en corne qui sont doux. Ces peignes sont également parfaits pour les cheveux épais, car ils glissent bien sur la fibre capillaire.

Le peigne en bois ou en acétate de cellulose « passe » partout. En bois, il est idéal pour les cheveux à tendance grasse.

Il faut aussi vérifier l’espacement des dents. Un espacement réduit sera parfait pour des cheveux très fins. Des cheveux crépus seront plus dociles avec un peigne aux dents larges.

6. Choose your styling product carefully

Some hairstyles require the use of styling products such as wax, setting gel or hairspray. Since natural hairstyles are in fashion, there is no need to opt for an extra-strong gel that will turn your hair into a helmet. However, choosing the right product is essential if you use it on a daily basis. Check the type of hold (light, medium, firm or strong).

To properly apply your paste or wax, always wait until your hair is dry. Then place a small amount of product in the palm of your hand and warm it up before applying it to your hair.

You can, for a perfect maintenance of your hair, adopt specific products like a texturizing spray or a moisturizing wax.

7. Don’t use too much hair styling products

If you use your styling products once in a while, no problem. But if you want to use them every day, it can be bad for your hair. It forms a film that will prevent your hair from breathing.

If you can’t go out without it, then go easy on yourself and choose a quality product. It’s best to use a product specifically for men’s hair that will respect the hair’s particular structure.

Don’t forget to brush your hair at night to remove any product residue. This operation is essential to maintain your hair and let it breathe all night long. They will be more beautiful when you wake up!

8. Leave your hair alone!

Is it frizzy and you hate it? Is it brown, but you’d like to lighten it? The temptation to change your hair is great and there are many advertisements promoting different products for this.

However, just like styling products, they will damage your hair if you use them sparingly. Avoid sprays to color white hair every day. Don’t use a straightening iron every day. You could “kill” your hair! The iron will burn the hair fiber and it will lose its strength and shine.

9. Cheat a little for a beautiful head of hair

Even if these products are effective, they won’t stop your hair loss. You can cheat a little by using a thickening product every day that will increase the diameter of each of your hairs and thus give a fuller effect. These products can be used every day, as they nourish the hair fiber in depth. This is also a tip that can be useful for men with fine hair.

10. Some more tips for beautiful hair

All this can be done on a daily basis. But there is still one thing you should not forget for optimal hair care, even if it is not done every day: go to the hairdresser!

It is naturally a solution to keep a beautiful, clean and stylish hairstyle. But it is also very useful to take care of your hair. Cutting it regularly allows it to be stimulated in the best possible way. In addition, the hairdresser will massage your scalp in a professional way.

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