Hair transplantation is the most effective and radical solution to baldness. Today, this procedure is more and more accessible financially and offers visible results quickly.  However, not everyone wants to undergo an operation to regain a good hair density.

In this guide, I propose to discover 5 alternatives to hair implants: PRP treatment, L-Cysteine, Toppik hair fibers, dietary supplements and appropriate haircuts. But, before we get into these different methods, let’s go back to the phenomenon of hair loss.

alternatives to hair transplantation

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All about hair loss

Hair loss is a perfectly natural phenomenon. However, when hair loss is estimated at more than 100 hairs per day and appears suddenly, it is possible to affirm that the hair growth cycle has been disturbed. There are many causes of hair loss.

Indeed, this phenomenon can be caused by an emotional shock or stress, the use of heating devices that weaken the hair fiber, by an inappropriate diet, a hormonal upheaval or the change of season.

The good news is that these various phenomena are temporary and do not require any particular treatment. However, this is not the case for androgenetic alopecia, also known as baldness. This pathology is genetic and irreversible: if it is not treated in time, the hair will not grow back.

Baldness can be the cause of many complexes. To fight against this phenomenon, a radical solution exists: hair transplantation. However, this procedure is relatively invasive. We will now look at the different alternatives that can be considered. So, hair implant or hair transplant, what should you choose?

1. PRP treatment: injection of growth factors to stimulate hair growth

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment consists of stimulating hair growth by taking plasma. It is a blood component rich in platelets and growth factors, injected directly into the hair follicle.

PRP treatment is an excellent alternative to hair implants because it offers very satisfactory results.

What is PRP treatment?

PRP treatment is based on the collection of a blood sample (the patient’s blood, of course). The blood sample is passed through a centrifuge to separate the different blood components and to collect the plasma.

This substance contains growth factors and platelets, which are injected directly into the scalp, into the hair follicles, through a needle. The platelets and growth factors will stimulate growth by encouraging the creation of new tissue, including the production of stem cells and hair.

What are the benefits of platelet-rich plasma therapy?

  • PRP injections do not pose any health risks: the plasma collected is biocompatible, since it comes from the patient’s own blood. In other words, there is no risk of an allergic reaction. PRP is therefore a 100% reliable treatment.
  • The results offered by PRP are quickly visible: it only takes a few days to notice the redensification of the hair. However, several sessions are required to achieve optimal results.

2. L-Cysteine : the drug indicated against hair loss

Certain medicinal treatments can be considered to fight against hair loss, it is in particular the case of L-Cysteine.

It stimulates growth, thanks to its composition rich in sulfur amino acid (L-Cysteine) and vitamin B6. This solution can be a very interesting alternative to hair transplantation, provided that it occurs at the beginning of the baldness phenomenon.

How does L-Cysteine act on the hair?

The composition of the drug Cystine B6 is similar to that of keratin, the main protein of hair and nails. Also, Cystine B6 reinforces the production of this last one, so as to densify the capillary fibre and to encourage the growth of hair. The hair follicle is stimulated.

What is the dosage of L-Cysteine?

The dosage of this treatment against hair loss is 4 tablets per day, within the framework of a 3-month cure. It is only at the end of this cure that the first results will be visible. Don’t forget to ask advices to a doctor before taking any medication.

3. Toppik, redensifying hair fibers

Have you ever heard of Toppik synthetic hair fibers? This high-performance product gives the illusion of dense hair.

How does Toppik redensifying hair fiber work?

Toppik is actually a synthetic hair fiber with the same composition as keratin. These fibers, presented in powder form, are attached to each hair fiber and thus increase the volume of each hair. The Toppik products, available in several shades, allow to fill the holes in the scalp and to create a dense and full hair.

Toppik hair fibers: any drawbacks?

Although Toppik products offer very satisfactory results, it is necessary to specify that synthetic fibers are not resistant to weather or styling products. In addition, it is important to avoid running your hand through your hair in order to maintain a satisfactory and natural result.

4. Food supplements to slow down hair loss

To slow down baldness or treat occasional hair loss, it is quite possible (and even recommended) to turn to food supplements:

  • Brewer’s yeast: the latter is capable of stimulating the production of keratin. In addition, it contains many proteins, as well as trace elements and vitamins, which are very beneficial to hair.
  • Spirulina: this food supplement is recommended to boost hair growth. Like brewer’s yeast, spirulina improves the synthesis of keratin. In addition, it helps to strengthen hair and make it more resistant.
  • Maca: in addition to stimulating hair growth, maca helps prevent hair loss.

5. To hide your baldness, choose the right haircut

Certain haircuts or hairstyles can effectively mask thinning areas or the beginning of a bald spot.

Don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser for advice! Of course, the best solution to completely mask alopecia is to shave your hair very short.

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