Hair perming is a technique you can use if you want to curl your hair! Here I’m going to talk specifically about men who use it. The process lasts about 3 months. At the end of this period, you can choose whether or not to repeat the process.

At this point, the curls will be much more relaxed. There are three types of perm: hot, cold and warm. However, I’d advise you not to overuse this technique, as repeated use could damage already dry and damaged hair.

Men's hair perm

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1. Wide curls

The first cut I’d like to present is worn with curly hair of varying thickness. It’s rather long on the top of the head and of medium length on the sides. The hair is not upright on the head, but falls along the face.

This hairstyle gives the wearer a natural yet sophisticated look. It can also be worn with the beginnings of a beard, depending on your style.

Although it’s a relaxed cut, you’ll need to take special care. To prevent the hair from swelling, I recommend the use of specific products designed for thick, curly hair. These may include gel, spray or cream. The key is to keep curls defined and styled.

2. More waves

The cut I’m about to talk about is quite similar to the previous one, except that the hair is slightly longer and wavier. In fact, it’s styled backwards. This frees up your facial expression. If you have a beard and/or moustache, they’ll be highlighted.

It’s not unusual to see stars sporting this hairstyle. It can be very chic indeed, depending on the context in which you want to wear it.

Maintaining this cut can be easier or harder, depending on your hair type. If you have thick hair, it will require more attention and more time for styling, than that provided for lightly waved hair. As with the previous cut, products such as gel, spray or cream will be essential to hold the hair back. The amount used will depend on the thickness of the hair.

3. Stylish curls

The third cut is quite different from those I’ve presented so far. It’s much shorter than the others. The hair on the sides is cut short, while the hair on top is short, but long enough to create curls.

This is an interesting hairstyle, as it presents itself rather well. It’s serious, trendy and well-groomed at the same time. It has the advantage of being worn in all circumstances, since it looks both casual and stylish. Another plus point is that it can be worn with a beard and/or moustache. This gives you the opportunity for variety!

As for maintenance, unlike previous cuts, this one certainly won’t require as much time. You won’t need to use too many products to maintain your style. However, be sure to nourish curly hair to promote hydration.

4. A curly look

For this fourth cut, I’m sharing a style similar to the previous one. The difference lies in the length of the hair above the head. It’s much longer, providing a wider surface for curls to form. The hair on the sides is cut short. The volume is therefore more concentrated on top.

This cut is very contemporary. It looks cool and youthful.

In terms of maintenance, it’s more important than the previous cut, even though it’s very similar. As the surface area of the curls is larger, you’ll need more products and longer care time. Don’t neglect to moisturize your hair.

5. A trendy cut

This last cut is different from all the others I’ve mentioned so far. The main difference is that it’s very short. The beauty of this cut is that it lets small waves show through. It’s therefore ideal for a discreet, but well-groomed hairstyle. With this cut, it’s more the contours that stand out. Combined with a beard and/or moustache, it will add expression to your face.

This type of hairstyle is very trendy. It combines a serious and casual style.

Maintenance is less laborious than for the previous styles. However, don’t neglect the products you use. They’ll make your hair look even better, even if it’s short. Make sure your hair is nourished, supple and shiny.

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