What man has never asked himself this question: what cut will make me look good? There are the supporters of long hair, a bit bohemian and nicely neglected. And the followers of the short cuts, more traditional, but just as trendy.

Before choosing your next haircut gentlemen, I propose you a small overview which will be undoubtedly useful to those who like to have very short or very long hair.

A little history and sociology

It is without doubt basic, but men tend to have a short haircut. Why is this? First of all, there may be hormonal reasons. A woman has hormones that will make her hair grow faster (as a rule). She will therefore be able to display a long hair more quickly than a man. But this injustice can obviously be circumvented with a little patience. So why is the short haircut mostly adopted by men?

First, there was practicality. Men had to work and having hair lying around was not practical. However, for centuries, long hair was the prerogative of strong men. And this, in different societies. The Vikings, the Gauls wore their hair long.

The length of the hair also had a social role. The most humble wore their hair short. The nobles wore their hair long. Then the conscription of soldiers in the nineteenth changed the deal. So that all soldiers are equal, the short haircut was introduced. The men then discovered that having short hair could be very practical. It doesn’t drag around anymore (which in some jobs can be very safe). It gets dirty less quickly.

Even if conservatism is still very important (men with short hair, women with long hair), things have changed (and fortunately!). The hippie movement has put its dose of rebellion and long hair has become a sign of protest to say that we do not want the imposed classics.

Today, fashion also has its say in the way it is. One can wear long hair without being a “bum with no feet” (yes, I know it’s a cliché, sorry). We see many men wearing long hair with style. And the short or even the ultra short has also beautiful days ahead.

So what do we do? Well, first of all, you choose the perfect cut that suits your face, but that will also say more about your way of thinking. And believe me, it’s not that simple!

Do you prefer short hair?

Short hair suits all face types. One important thing to remember before deciding on a haircut is to learn more about your face shape. This is essential to choosing the right haircut.

For example, oval faces will be enhanced by a cut with short sides and nape. You can leave a certain length on the top of the head as long as you don’t let your hair fall on the forehead (no bangs).

One of the advantages of very short hair is that you can dye your hair blonde or even pink more easily!

For square faces, you can adopt an ultra-short cut (with a razor). It’s great for adding a little military edge to your look. If you want to erase this style a little too strict, leave a little volume on the top of the head.

A little advice? Avoid the “curtain” haircut (hair pulled back and straight bangs) which is no longer the order of the day, even if it was long recommended for square and rectangular faces.

short hair cut man

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Rectangular faces should be careful not to accentuate the general line of their head. So avoid very short sides. To add width to the face, choose cuts with hair falling on the sides or on the forehead.

Round faces will be enhanced by structured cuts. Choose a haircut that emphasizes the angles. Go for short sides and a top with volume, such as the flat top. You can adopt bangs that will best structure your face.

A diamond-shaped face? Graduated cuts are for you. Don’t hesitate to show off a side-parted haircut. The side parting and hair going in the opposite direction are also an excellent choice. The tousled hairstyle is also a great option if your hair is wavy.

Are you guys more into long hair?

Long hair is great for heart-shaped or triangular faces. If you have fine hair, opt for a mid-length cut if your face is heart-shaped. If you have a triangular face, mid-length and long cuts will add volume to the sides, which is great for balancing the look. If your hair is nicely curled, you can leave some length on the sides.

To widen the bottom of your face a little more, you can adopt a cut with marked tabs

The Pompadour cut is ideal for square faces. Diamond faces will be highlighted by long hair with a lock carelessly passed behind the ear.

Having long hair requires daily work. First of all, it gets dirty faster. It will thus be necessary to proceed to a regular cleaning. Greasy hair does not mix well with long hair. Unless you wash it every day (which is not recommended when you have greasy hair!)

short or long hair man

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To have beautiful long hair, it is also imperative to nourish it as well as possible. Too dry hair that looks like straw is not allowed! So you’ll need to use nourishing treatments (I recommend silicone-free formulas for more beautiful hair) to sport a beautiful mane. Forget about blow-drying and straightening if you don’t know how to use them in moderation. It destroys the hair fiber. Letting your hair air dry is the best choice.

It is a common misconception that having long hair means you don’t need a hairdresser. This is a big mistake! Having long hair requires very regular maintenance to avoid looking sloppy (not the one worked with talent, the other one is ugly). A regular refreshment is to be planned at the hairdresser (once a month or once every two months).

With long hair, you can imagine a lot of haircuts. You can leave your hair free or control it with a catogan. Long hair effect with the practicality of short hair (yes, it’s held back!).

You can also create a bun on top of the head. For a guaranteed effect, let a few strands wander around for a trendy comb-over look. A half ponytail can also be a great choice for keeping your hair out of your eyes. It goes well with a beard for a stylish hippie or backpacker look.

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