What could be sexier than a man with well-groomed curly hair? A real tool of seduction and charm, a beautiful male hair is not to be forgotten! Well-groomed, styled or straightened, it catches the eye and says a lot about our hygiene and our lifestyle.

Show me your curls and I’ll tell you who you are!

But this beautiful mane is not obtained without effort and behind this wavy head hides a daily rigor: the obligation to take care of its curly hair with method.

Maintaining your hair is the sine qua non for pleasing others and pleasing yourself. Hair care, natural remedies or straightening, here are my tips for your curly hair to make the buzz!

maintain your curly hair when you are a man

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Curly hair: use the right shampoos and unlimited care

Let’s face it, curly hair tends to be dry and brittle. When you know this, it’s easier to choose the right products.

The first step is to choose the right shampoo!

Sulfate-free, moisturizing, with shea butter, avocado or coconut oil, the choice is difficult because there are so many! The important thing is to pamper your curls and moisturize them in depth, so take your time to choose the right shampoo !

Second step, know how to wash your hair!

It is necessary to limit the number of shampoos per week even if you sweat or that you often do sports. Washing your hair too many times means removing its natural protection and damaging it. With one or two shampoos a week, your dry or curly hair is better protected.

You should rub your hair gently at a temperature that is not too hot so as not to open up its precious scales.

If you can, finish with a Scottish shower, as the cold makes the hair shine.

take care your of curly men s hair

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Healthy and natural gestures for beautiful curly hair

Pollution, stress, dust, hair is constantly under attack. The remedy for beautiful hair is a healthy and balanced diet. My grandmother used to say “you have beautiful hair, it is the reflection of your plate”.

To have hair that shines, we boost ourselves with food supplements rich in vitamins and we abuse zinc, brewer’s yeast, vitamin E and A. The problem with curly hair is that it doesn’t secrete enough sebum naturally. So we have to help them.

Continue with a natural brushing: the hand is your best comb! Or, a boar bristle brush will help distribute oil better, soften and beautify your mane. Success guaranteed!

Finally, a return to basics is in order with the use of natural products: shea butter, clay mask, argan oil, eggs, avocado and olive oil. A feast on the head!

Why do some men straighten their hair?

For some men, straightening their hair is an obligation after having tried everything. If despite all your efforts, nothing works, it is the ultimate solution before the ball at zero.

For others, the straightening is a choice to show that there, we really do the ultimate for his hair. Currently unavoidable and fashionable, to offer the luxury of a smoothing with tannin, Brazilian or Japanese, is to take the step of a tranquility for a few months.

Indeed, once straightened, your hair instantly regains its shine and brilliance. More disciplined, less voluminous, they are more vigorous, because rehydrated in depth. Less fragile and better protected, straightening offers many benefits to your hair.

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