Hair has unsuspected power. Your haircut defines your personality, charisma and elegance. Curly hair requires special attention, because of its characteristics, but by adopting the right hairstyle and using the right products, you can be entirely proud of your hair style. In this article, discover the secrets of curly hair, from its specifics to its care. I’ll tell you all about it!

Long curly hair for men

Understanding long curly hair for men

Long curly hair and other hair types

Long considered a timeless style, long curly hair makes it possible to adopt personalized, on-trend hairstyles. Before I share my many tips for maintaining your hair, I’d like to explain how and why some hair can be curly and others straight hairstyles.

Biologically speaking, all hair compositions are similar. However, it’s at the very birth of the hair, inside the irregular follicular bulbs, that the hair fiber doesn’t receive the same amount of keratin as straight hair. As a result, hair wavers in proportion to this keratin deficiency. Keratin is a protein that makes up the surface of each hair fiber, and whose role is to protect it from external aggression. As a result, curly or even frizzy hair is extremely sensitive to climatic variations, and requires care products that are extremely rich in keratin to maintain its suppleness.

Moreover, curly hair is finer and more porous. As a result, it requires very specific care. Indeed, a little further on in this article, I advise you to establish a regular beauty routine to preserve the beauty of your long curly hair.

Types of curly hair

There are 4 hair types, classified from 1 to 4, from straight to curly. Curly hair is type 3. We then distinguish between types A, B and C, from hair with very wide curls to hair with very fine waves.

In fact, type 3A curly hair is wide, dense and heavier. Curls are easy to style, allowing you to create soft, flexible cuts. The roots are straight and the ends wavy. For type 3B curly hair, on the other hand, the wave starts at the roots and the curls are finer and tighter all the way to the ends. The result is fuller hair that’s still easy to style and structure. Finally, type 3C hair has a curly tendency, with curls that are even smaller and closer together than the previous type. Since they receive very little keratin, they have a drier texture. Rest assured, if you have this type of hair, I’ve got all the care and styling advice you need to suit the characteristics of your hair fibers.

Long curly hair for men

Styling long curly hair for men

Haircuts to enhance long curly hair

There are many ways to highlight long curly hair. I’m going to give you a few examples that will help you achieve trendy hairstyles.

To begin with, the curly cut is ideal for a casual yet chic look. Your hair reaches the base of your chin, creating a perfectly oval, harmonious face. In this cut, the lengths are identical, whether at the fringe or at the back of the head, allowing you to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles, such as a parting in the middle, a parting on the sides, with the fringe pulled up and enhanced with a clip towards the back. You can also opt for a low fade with longer curls. This cut gives the illusion of longer hair and a more dynamic style. Finally, the wolf cut has its origins in 80s fashion, with short bangs and a relaxed length at the nape of the neck.

Everyday hairstyles

The great advantage of having curly hair is that you can vary your hairstyles. For example, you can wear your hair in a ponytail, in a loose, messy bun, or in a curly top hat. In any case, to stay chic and masculine, I advise you to adapt your hairstyle to the circumstances: at work, an evening out with friends, on vacation, etc.

Ceremonial hairstyles

When you’re invited to a ceremony, I advise you to style your long, curly hair as soberly as possible. You can adopt the updo style or simply leave your hair natural. In the latter case, apply a moisturizing treatment beforehand to make your hair supple and elegant.

A variety of hairstyles to choose from

There’s a huge variety of hairstyles you can easily adopt when you have curly hair: tousled or loose, in a layered cut, or braided. You can also ask your hairdresser to create twists or a Pompadour style.

Styling products

Salt spray for texture and volume

Among the trendiest styling products, salt spray is used to create wavy cuts. It’s a hairstyle that echoes the look of surfers’ natural curls as they emerge from the water. This product gives you assertive texture and perfectly controlled volume. I recommend you use the salty spray to style your hair before a night out with friends, or on vacation to stay stylish.

Styling cream for shape and definition

The choice of styling cream helps define your style. There are several strengths of rigidity you can achieve with this type of product. For example, if you want a hold that lasts all day, or if you just want to define your curls so they stay defined, whatever the weather. Styling creams are particularly useful for hair that frizzes easily in humid environments.

Wide-tooth comb for detangling

I recommend using a wide-tooth comb to detangle curly hair. This type of comb helps preserve the length of your hair, as the strands gather in clumps. If you opt for a finer-toothed comb, you can cause breakage along the entire length of the hair fiber.

Long curly hair for men

Hair dryer with diffuser for frizz-free drying

If you want natural curls, air-drying is ideal. However, you can also use a diffuser hair dryer to prevent frizz. These devices diffuse ions whose aim is to tighten the scales of the hair fiber and smooth the hair surface from root to tip. This keeps hair moisturized and supple.

Curl cream and texturizing spray for tighter curls

There are also creams and texturizing sprays specifically for curly hair. These products contain keratin and help you achieve tighter curls. You can use them to set your style when you want to let your hair down, or when you want to make a well-disciplined ponytail.

Long curly hair for men

Care for long, curly hair

Washing long, curly hair

Long, curly hair requires meticulous care. Because of its low keratin content, it’s best to use products enriched with this protein. Start by wetting your hair, applying the recommended amount of shampoo, and gently massaging the scalp. Then wash the entire length without rubbing the hair between your hands. Rinse thoroughly until there’s no lather left on your head and your hair is completely sanitized.

Drying long, curly hair

Ideally, I recommend air-drying your long curly hair. This allows your hair to breathe and regain its natural curl. However, you are perfectly free to use a hair dryer, taking care to set the temperature between 170°C and 190°C maximum, ideally with a diffuser.

Maintenance tips

Since curly hair requires a great deal of maintenance, care is essentially geared towards moisturizing it. A strict weekly routine is essential. To achieve this, I suggest you start by washing your hair thoroughly with a shampoo specifically dedicated to curly hair. Next, apply a keratin-rich serum that rinses out 15 seconds after application. Finally, apply a mask made from natural keratin and leave on for the rest of the time. Finally, apply a moisturizing treatment cream, or a heat-protecting treatment if you’re using a blow-dryer.

Long, curly hair and facial features

Face shape

When you have long hair, it’s important to adapt your hairstyle to the shape of your face. For example, if your face is oval, you can let your hair grow to the shoulder blades, or even longer, at equal length with a parting in the middle. On the other hand, if your face is slightly rounded, in this case opt for a hairstyle with long curly hair that reaches below the chin. This will lighten and harmonize your silhouette.

Facial hair

Whatever the characteristics of your hair, but especially if you have curly hair, you need to take care of your eyebrows! To do this, call in your visagist so he or she can re-contour this part of your face. On the other hand, combining curly hair with a beard can be quite redundant when it comes to your face. Prefer a clear face to make the most of your long curly hair.

Styling around other features

In general, long curly hair doesn’t lend itself well to hats. However, a beret, for example, can be worn after a well-disciplined ponytail, or a braid at the back. And, if you’re sporty, wear a visor with a voluminous bun for a casual chic look.

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