Floral perfume fragrances for men

For many years, the popular belief has been that perfumes from the “flowery” family are for women and that we, gentlemen, should avoid rose or jasmine notes. However, the flower is the essence of perfume! To get an idea by yourself and if you have the opportunity, I invite you to visit Grasse and its perfume museum.

Various flowers are used in the composition of a flowery perfume. By subtle notes or more supported, some flowers associated with animal notes, woody make the perfume terribly sensual and viril. I strongly advise you to be interested in these different floral essences.

The violet

The violet has become the “must have” of floral perfumes for men. Thanks to its powdery and woody notes, it goes particularly well in a floral aldehyde type of perfume containing animalic and woody notes. It provides a subtle and sensual balance that will suit a mature man.

The violet, thanks to its subtle but not heady fragrance power, has become one of the most used flowers in men’s perfumes of the floral family.


Like the violet, the geranium regularly enters the composition of the perfume for man.

Its scent is close to that of the rose, without being as marked.

The geranium is often considered a mixed flower whose scent can not be gendered. It fits perfectly in the composition of perfumes called green floral or aquatic floral perfume, which are fresh and light, ideal to wear in summer.

This flower can also be suitable for young men and pre-adults.

The iris

With the iris, we are in the spicy floral fragrance. The iris is a flower of character that, associated with a woody musk, can bring a touch of sensuality and modernity to any perfume.

However, the balance must be subtle so as not to let the scent of the iris overpower the perfume. The iris will be rather reserved for the man of a certain age, active, sure of him and having desire to release a strong sensuality.


Lavender has been present in men’s perfumes since the 1930s. However, it is more aromatic than olfactory. That’s why it is only used in very delicate touches, more to reveal a scent than to make it vibrate.

Orange blossom

Soft, delicate, subtle, with fresh aromas, orange blossom fits perfectly in hesperidian or fern type perfumes, reminding us of the intoxicating scents of undergrowth, slightly musky.

Ready to try a sensually floral fragrance?

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