At Maison Margiela, they don’t do things by halves. Whether it’s fashion, leather goods or fine jewelry, the brand signs its pieces in a spirit that cleverly combines deconstruction, craftsmanship and luxury. In particular, the Replica line of perfumes is inspired by the collection of the same name of clothing and accessories created by Maison Margiela in 1994.

Here, the French house promises an olfactory journey through time and space for each bottle offered. The scents invoke sweet, nostalgic and comforting memories, let’s learn more about this niche perfume !

The favorite? The Bubble Bath fragrance from the Replica line!

The fusion of the comfort of a bubble bath and the freshness and creaminess of soap are legitimately the highlights of this eau de toilette.

The label on the bottle made of fabrics from Margiela’s couture collection tells you all there is to know about this elixir:

  • Location: bubble bath in Beverly Hills
  • Year: 2005
  • Fragrance description: comforting cleanliness.

We love the sleek clear glass bottle that will fit in any bathroom. The Bubble Bath comes in 30 ml to take with you everywhere, or in 100 ml for an extended use experience.

Replica Bubble Bath review

Is Replica’s Bubble Bath fragrance right for you?

Replica’s Bubble Bath is all about cleanliness and comfort. Whether you’re 25, 35 or 50, it transcends gender and is perfect for you gentlemen, as well as women if you’re into the smell of clean and soapy.

It’s a floral chypre fragrance that’s both delicate and subtle, ideal for the office or daytime

Replica Bubble Bath or the magic of alchemy

The mastery of this perfume lies in the balance of the combination of its different components. With in top note: the agreement bubble of soap, pink pepper, bergamot which brings freshness and refinement. In heart note, we find the super essence of rose, lavender and jasmine. What grants to this scent of the depth and the body without losing in subtlety and in lightness.

With its delicate, fresh and assertive scent, Replica’s Bubble Bath is perfect for spring and summer seasons. The combination of white musk, patchouli and coconut in the base note gives it a unique and soothing identity.

The sensation of a bubble bath every day

To enjoy the bubble bath experience throughout the day, I remind you of a few basic rules to make the most of the scent’s durability on your skin.

When it comes to scent, there are certain rituals to follow. In fact, spray just after a bath or after applying a moisturizer, when the skin is still slightly damp. Target strategic areas: the inside of the wrists, elbows, the hollow behind the ears, the neckline of ladies, the nape of the neck to leave an airy, delicate and refined trail when you move.

For a more homogeneous and subtle diffusion of the product, spray the Bubble Bath and move in this enchanting cloud of voluptuousness and elegance.

Wellness at your fingertips

This fragrance is a real sensory escape available online. It can be found at Sephora or Amazon and many other stores in the US.

To further appreciate the scent of Bubble Bath, Maison Margiela has created the Replica collection as a room candle to prolong the experience in the atmosphere of your home.

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