Diptyque is a perfume house founded in 1961 by three people who love painting, travel and architecture. They began by selling printed materials, fabrics and panels, and scented candles. Since their first eau de toilette created in 1968, “L’Eau”, the Diptyque brand, based on the boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, but also all over the world, reveals the Parisian chic thanks to “Geranium Odorata.

Diptyque Geranium Odorata review

Presentation of Geranium Odorata

Geranium Odorata is a unisex eau de toilette that completes the Eaux Florales collection by Diptyque. As the name suggests, the base of the fragrance is geranium, the flower to which Diptyque pays tribute.

The “O” in “Odorata” is a recognition sign found in almost all of the house’s perfume names. It symbolizes the “oh!” of surprise or the shape of a drop, but it is also a phonetic reminder of Diptyque’s very first creation: “Water”.

The aesthetic of the bottle is more reminiscent of an apothecary’s shelves than of sublime femininity. However, it is a historical and emblematic aesthetic of the brand. The bottle is covered with the historical label of diptych. Indeed, the founders were keen on ancient culture and this label represents an elongated shield of the Praetorian Guard.

If the first drawings were drawn in Indian ink by one of the three founders of the brand (Desmond), the torch was taken up by new illustrators who took over in the same spirit. This type of label is used in this form on all Diptyque products. Here, the emblematic cartouche is adorned with delicate geranium flowers.

Fragrance of Geranium Odorata : spicy harmony

Much less concentrated in aromatic compounds than perfumes, this eau de toilette is light and discreet, subtle without being too heady. Therefore, it is the ideal perfumed touch for spring and summer.

The olfactory pyramid of Geranium Odorata is declined on floral and woody notes at the same time. We will recall that the olfactory pyramid is composed of top notes (immediate scent at the opening or the vaporization), heart (smell that arrives a little later, but is persistent), and bottom (very tenacious, holds throughout the day).

For this mixed eau de toilette, cardamom, bergamot and pink berries will offer the top note, spicy and herbaceous at the same time. Geranium is the main guest for the heart note of this spring fragrance. More precisely, the geranium of Africa, lively and floral, and the geranium Bourbon, from Reunion Island, for the woody side. Finally, the base note is supported by cedar wood, tonka bean, and vetiver from Haiti, the unexpected note.

Who says discreet, does not mean absent. Geranium Odorata will leave a light scent in your wake. Its staying power may vary depending on your skin type, but its freshness allows you to use it throughout the day.

Last impressions: surprise and happiness

Geranium Odorata leaves a unanimous sensation of lightness, surprising by the suavity of the rose and the woody and vanilla spices at the same time. The mix of the two types of geranium makes this blend exceptional enough to try this olfactory adventure.

Wearing it, one can easily imagine the bright clusters of purple, red or pink flowers that color balconies and gardens when spring returns. In general, it provokes surprise and enthusiasm. It seems to be the unanimous choice of those who wear it. Beware of those who smell it in your wake! They might be tempted to ask you to put some on!

Sold in a 100 ml bottle for $165 in stores before taxes in many US stores and online.

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