Looking for a destination for your next trip abroad? Why not set course for the West Coast of the United States of America? The distance between Seattle (Washington State, North) and San Diego (California, South) flirts with 2,000 kilometers. Imagine all the wonders to explore! Here are 10 things you need to know about the West Coast of the United States of America, to help you choose the right places for your next trip.

Route 365 in San Diego, California

Route 365 in San Diego, California

1. The mysteries and legends of Los Angeles

If you’re planning a trip to Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to hire a tour operator to take you around the city after dark. Our guides will take you on a night-time exploration of the mysteries of Los Angeles. They’ll tell you legendary tales about the stars, but also about some spooky places.

2. San Francisco, a city of irresistible charm

San Francisco is one of the must-visit cities in the United States. It is renowned for its proximity to Silicon Valley, home to the headquarters of major digital companies such as Facebook and Google.

In San Francisco, skyscrapers are replaced by historic monuments. We’re thinking in particular of Victorian-style houses and local shops such as bakeries and retro-style grocery stores.

Of course, Frisco is also home to the Golden Gate Bridge over San Francisco Bay. The city is also famous for Alcatraz prison, from which no one has ever escaped alive… or so it seems.

things you must do on your first visit to San Francisco

View on the Golden Gate in SF

3. California State Route 1

For a road trip in California, there’s a road that will take you from San Diego to San Francisco: California State Route 1. This is your chance to cover almost 900 kilometers and explore some of the most emblematic sites in American culture:

  • San Diego with its naval base;
  • Newport Beach, renowned for its luxurious mansions;
  • Los Angeles and its wonders;
  • Malibu for its surfing beaches;
  • Santa Barbara for its Hispanic architecture;
  • Pismo Beach with its small-town soul;
  • San Francisco and its historic heritage.

4. Seattle: the birthplace of Starbucks

When we set sail for the U.S. West Coast, the destinations that often spring to mind are Los Angeles and San Francisco. But Seattle, in northern Washington state, is one of the country’s most attractive cities.

The air is cooler and the rain more common, but the countryside is particularly lush. Don’t hesitate to take a ferry across Lake Washington. The Pike Place Market district is a delightful place to shop for handicrafts. It’s also home to one of the first Starbucks, which welcomes you in a retro atmosphere that will take you on a journey.

You can’t leave town without discovering the Space Needle, Seattle’s tower, which towers 184 meters above the city. A restaurant welcomes you with a 360° panoramic view.

5. The Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

The Pacific Crest Trail is a hiking trail that crosses California, Oregon and Washington. It links the Mexican border to the Canadian border. It is 4,240 km long. It takes between 4 and 6 months to hike the entire PCT.

Walkers and nature lovers will appreciate the PCT, which can be hiked in portions. If the prospect of a multi-week hike appeals to you, this is the route for you.

Running parallel to the Pacific Ocean, the PCT immerses you in magnificent scenery and takes you through forested National Parks. Some of the most famous places on the route include:

  • Kings Canyon National Park;
  • John Muir Wilderness Reserve;
  • Yosemite National Park;
  • Crater Lake National Park;
  • Mounts Jefferson and Hood.

6. Oregon: a state with green charms

It’s often overlooked, but Oregon is one of the most rejuvenating states in the United States of America. Located north of California, there’s plenty to do for nature lovers. Consider the Portland Japanese Garden, a serene space featuring Japanese landscapes.

Multnomah Falls is a beautiful natural monument. The waterfalls are grandiose and can be admired from a suspension bridge. Probably one of the most famous beaches in the American West is Cannon Beach. The waves of the Pacific Ocean crash against a dune coastline. Rocky monuments rise from the salt water.

7. Discover the Evergreen State

Washington State is known as the Evergreen State. This is due to the rather rainy climate and the large number of forests. The Mount Rainier volcano is a splendid sight to discover. The Columbia River will delight kayakers. It flows through forested areas, immersing you in untamed nature.

Although the Pacific Ocean is colder than Los Angeles, the shores of Washington State boast many charming beaches, lined with dunes and pitted with driftwood.

8. California is a wine-growing region

California isn’t just about the Gold Rush, the Hollywood epic or Silicon Valley. Napa Valley is California’s second most popular tourist destination, behind Disneyland. Many grape varieties are present, including chardonnay, sauvignon, syrah and the famous pinot noir.

Although Californian wines were long derided by the French, today the region’s estates have established themselves as international benchmarks.

9. Numerous national parks

The West Coast of the United States is packed with National Parks managed by the NPS: National Park Services. Among the most famous are :

  • Death Valley National Park, with its landscape of mineral wonders;
  • Sequoia National Park, home to thousand-year-old trees of monumental size, lakes, rivers, peaks and more.
  • Yellowstone National Park stands out for its geysers and hot springs;
  • Yosemite National Park is the first protected park in the United States of America, thanks to the efforts of the famous naturalist John Muir. It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself in 100% wilderness.
Yellowstone park tips

(c) Photo : Sébastien Thevenin

And don’t forget to stop off in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas, with its thousands of activities.

10. The West Coast of the USA is also Alaska

The West Coast of the United States is also the state of Alaska. It is separated from Washington State by Canadian territories. Alaska is considered a region of the Arctic Circle. It is a land of forests and mountains. Wildlife is abundant and curious.

Kayak excursions can be organized, and history buffs can marvel at the presentation of Aleut Native American culture. Some of the glaciers welcome you to a breathtaking setting that invites ecstasy.


The West Coast of the United States is full of wonders and curiosities. Discover the arid deserts of Southern California, then explore its Sequoia forests. After a detour to the vineyards of northern California, head for Oregon and Washington, with their many refreshing must-sees. Lovers of wild beauty won’t be disappointed in Alaska. All you have to do is pack your bags and set course for one of these destinations that will delight you.

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