I just had to share with you this incredible story that took place in Las Vegas. I know there’s a lot going on in this city, but this one was just too big to pass up. Are you ready to hear it? Honestly, I don’t think so, but hang in there!

It was a typical weekend where I found myself in a hotel bar sipping a glass of wine while waiting for my friends. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. After all, Las Vegas is always lively, and people often like to chat, which is exactly what I do.

Las Vegas Funny Stories

I’m making a friend!

A man about my age approaches and takes a seat at the bar next to me. He strikes up a conversation with the waitress. Nothing unusual so far. A simple interaction to order his drink. Then, at some point, he turns to me and says a simple hello. As is often the case, Americans like to ask me where I’m from because of my accent. So I reply that I’m French.

The conversation begins. The guy seems relaxed, and I always enjoy chatting with people. It goes well, we have a laugh, he tells me about his experience in Las Vegas, and I give him a few tips since I live here.

Of course, the more we talk, the more comfortable he becomes. That’s when he tells me about his misadventures the day before, from which he still hasn’t recovered.

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The crazy story begins…

He looks at me and says: “Hey man, do you want to know the best part?” Naturally, I say yes.

He tells me, “Yesterday, I was walking along the Strip and these guys handing out cards with pictures of pretty girls and a phone number gave me one. They didn’t seem to be allowed to talk, so I took the card and went to dinner. When I got back to my room, I found it in my wallet and thought, why not? After all, I’m in Las Vegas, and if you’re not having fun in Vegas, you’re not having fun anywhere, are you?”

So he calls, explains that he’s in a hotel, gives his room number, and about 45 minutes later, someone knocks on his door. He tells me he’s had time to shower, get ready and look his best.

There’s a big surprise when the door opens, and there it is, a man – yes, you heard me right, a man – at his door. He bursts out laughing, thinking it’s a bad joke. Eventually, the man at the door introduces himself as an escort, and it’s at this point that the tourist realizes it was absolutely no joke.

Of course, he didn’t let him in, and quickly closed the door, but it spoiled his evening, because he didn’t understand the purpose of such a step, which would have led nowhere anyway, since he was looking for a woman.

Bottom line

As you can see, amazing things happen in Vegas, some of them extraordinary, some of them really strange. But don’t worry, after living here for several years, this is the first time I’ve heard a story like this, and I wanted to share it with you because, deep down, I found it very, very funny. Enjoy your stay in Las Vegas!

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