There’s no shortage of men’s suits out there to choose from! In fact, the options can be quite daunting. Whether you need new duds for a summer wedding, something slick for a night out on the town, or a polished and professional look for work, menswear designers from across the globe have their finger on the pulse of what looks good for any occasion and makes you feel better.

Say goodbye to that same old suit that just sits in your closet, only to be broken out for the occasional event. These modern and trendy options from worldly fashion houses are distinctive, aesthetically appealing, and sure to get you noticed no matter what adventure you embark on.

Best Men’s Suits for Every Occasion

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Formal Wear

Giorgio Armani’s Black Label Suits

An iconic Italian fashion brand founded in 1975, Giorgio Armani has long been renowned in men’s fashion. Synonymous with timeless elegance, impeccable tailoring, and understated luxury, the Black Label Collection embodies the essence of formal wear.

Best for a fancy occasion—say a high roller’s night at an extravagant casino—Armani’s Black Label features high-end classic cuts that whisper elegance without being over the top. Here are some of this structured suit’s selling points:

  • Classic single-breasted jacket: Clean, streamlined, refined, and beautifully silhouetted.
  • Peak lapels: The ultimate subtle touch of formality that distinguishes you from the crowd.
  • Luxury textiles: Fine wool and wool-blend fabrics create a refined drape that Armani is so well known for.
  • Tailored fit: Armani specialists will ensure this suit fits like a glove. Sleek, classy, and detail-oriented tailoring goes a long way in completing your look.
  • Time-honored colors: True black or a deep navy blue are perfect choices for formal events. They exude sophistication and elegance.

Modern Vibes

Paul Smith’s Colorful Suits

This British designer doesn’t shy away from fun shades or bold patterns. These suits come in colorful and vibrant hues such as lavender, sea blue, mauve-and-grey gingham, and even the ombre-esque fade stripe print pattern featuring subtle blues and yellows. This rainbow of colors demands a certain occasion, such as a garden wedding, cocktail party, art gallery opening, or even a creative business setting.

If you need something extra hip, Paul Smith’s colorful suits are surely for you. Just be sure to pair them with appropriately modern shoes and perhaps a subtle button-down to keep the look contemporary. Fashion-forward gentleman, these suits are calling! Before you buy, here’s what to expect:

  • Contemporary tailoring: These suits feature a slim fit for a well-proportioned appearance that flatters the wearer.
  • Unexpected accents: Contrasting linings, colorful stitching details, wild and unique buttons, and more. Quelle surprise!
  • Playful accessories: Pair your colorful suit with Paul Smith’s patterned ties, pocket squares, socks, and bespoke shoelaces. You’ll be unique from tip to toe!

Keeping It Casual

Polo Ralph Lauren Soft Linen Line

Ok, so maybe you don’t want to go all-out Armani. More casual dudes thrive in styles from the quintessentially American designer Ralph Lauren. Go golfing, hit up a winery with your crew, and then host a low-stakes game night with cards, and backyard games, all while outfitted in a breezy, summery suit from Ralph Lauren.

Or, if you’re really into embodying that preppy vibe, plan a visit to the racetracks or a polo match where that ubiquitous little horse on your outfit will fit right in. You’ll enjoy the following fashion details when outfitted in Ralph Lauren’s Soft Linen line:

  • Lightweight fabrics: Breathable and best for warmer weather, cotton and linen blends keep you cool and casual without sacrificing texture or fashion.
  • Soft silhouettes: Natural shoulders give a relaxed appearance accompanied by unlined or lightly lined jackets to enhance the effortless aesthetic and comfortability.
  • Versatile styling options: The linen line goes well with casual knits, polo shirts, clean sneakers, loafers, and boat shoes. Chances are you already have some of these accouterments in your closet that are sure to enhance the casual vibe of this suit.

Business Bros

Brooks Brothers 1818 Suit Collection

Whether you work in a setting where you’re expected to wear a suit or you’re looking for a new job in your industry, a finely fitting suit will show you’re professional, serious about your career, and polished for meetings with clients, execs, stakeholders, and prospects. Best of all, mornings become simple when you have a selection of sleek business attire.

Just choose from one of your favorite ensembles, and you’re ready to conquer the office! The Brooks Brothers 1818 Suit Collection is elegant, versatile, and not too flashy for a day at your desk. Here’s what to expect:

  • Heritage: Named after the year the company was founded, the 1818 embodies Brooks Brothers’ legacy and commitment to timelessness. This suit will truly never go out of style.
  • Lasting design: Notched labels, two-breasted single jackets, flat-front trousers, and very subtle finishing details make you look polished without seeming too show-offy. Perfect for sealing even the toughest deal.
  • Versatile fits: The 1818 collection offers traditional cuts, more modern options, and a host of classic colors. Choose the most flattering option to tailor your suit to your personality and office environment.

Wild and Wacky


These outfits from OppoSuits are great for festivals, raves, theme parties, unconventional gatherings, coordinating with a group, or just when you want to have fun with what you’re wearing. OppoSuits specializes in crafting bold looks that make a distinctive statement. Think all-leopard-print suits, shiny gold fabrics, American-flag-pattern suits, and even silly Christmas outfits for your next holiday gathering. There’s even one made from a disco ball—now that’s shiny! Opposuits are sure to surpass even your wilder expectations:

  • Attention-grabbing designs: Tropical prints, floral patterns, snakeskin suits, and even a Pokémon-themed set help you stand out from even the most unique revelers around you.
  • Affordability: Not only are these suits a ton of fun, but they also don’t break the bank! Expect to spend as little as $100 on your sick new suit.
  • Devilish details: They might be a bit silly, but OppoSuits don’t slack when it comes to pushing your ensemble way over the top with matching bowties, coordinating pocket squares, eccentric socks, and more for a cohesive and eye-catching ensemble.

No matter your style or what you seek in a suit, there’s something out there for you. And luckily, you can spend a lot on an amazing Armani or save big bucks when purchasing a slightly silly suit from OppoSuits. Whether it’s a one-time wear or a lifetime purchase, a suit for formal events, festivals, business occasions, and casual events—they are all must-haves. Now go forth and shop! You’re sure to look dapper.

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