Patrick Süskind’s novel “The Perfume” highlighted the extraordinary powers that a perfume could exert. Indeed, its hero, Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, has many faults, but turns out to be a sublime perfumer, because he has an extraordinary nose.

He decides to create an extraordinary perfume in order to have full power over human beings. If this story belongs to fiction, it nevertheless delivers a truth: perfume really bewitches. Aware of these virtues, we would like the fragrances of perfumes to accompany us throughout the day. I will give you some tips to achieve this goal.

tips perfume last longer

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1. A well-moisturized skin helps the perfume last longer

Whatever part of the body you wish to perfume, it is important that it is perfectly moisturized beforehand. For the face as well as for the body, you can use either a cream or an oil or a milk. The two products, because of their composition allow to retain captive the odors of the perfume which will diffuse for a long time. However, make sure that the moisturizing products are neutral so that their scents do not overpower the fragrance.

In addition, you can place a few touches of petroleum jelly on your skin, as the occlusive actives it contains literally trap the odors that linger for a long time. Then spray your perfume on these areas, but avoid spreading the Vaseline afterwards, as if you were applying a cream, as it would then lose all its effects.

If you’re a little confused, read my article on how to apply perfume!

2. Derived products from your perfume reinforce its effects

But, I tell you, the best solution for different smells not to clash, but on the contrary to reinforce each other, is to use as moisturizers the line of products that associated with your perfume.

This will result in a strong impregnation that will not leave you for the day. These products usually include a shower gel, a moisturizing milk, a deodorant and a body cream, each of them by repeating them, will accentuate the fragrances of your favorite perfume.

3. Hair retains scents very well

If you want to continue to enjoy the scent of your perfume without it gradually fading, spray your hair.

You can also use a hair perfume, much more suitable!

Indeed, the hair naturally impregnates odors, they will keep those of your perfume. If you don’t want to apply your perfume directly to your hair, for fear of damaging it, spread it on your hairbrush instead and run it gently through your hair. This will be just as effective and less harsh.

4. Scented clothing completes your work

If you want your strategy to work, you must adopt the “All in One” method. This means using all of your care and clothing as a diffuser for your fragrance.

It is therefore appropriate that you spray your perfume on all your clothes, provided that they are not made with fragile fabrics, such as silk, which could stain.

5. Take care of your fragrance to have it last longer !

However, all these precautions, all these processes will be of no use if you do not give your perfume careful attention.

Your first attention should be directed towards the choice of your perfume: some have more persistent odors than others. For example, amber or stronger scents will last longer like Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, while a lighter or less floral scent will disappear very quickly. The structure of your scent itself can play a role. Solid perfumes, even if I personally find that they don’t have the same appeal, because they are more concentrated, keep the fragrance longer.

Besides this choice, it is important to take care of your perfume. Because of the exceptional design of its bottles, you and I are used to displaying them in our bedroom or bathroom to admire their appearance. However, perfumes tend to deteriorate slightly in heat and light or under the effect of humidity.

They gradually lose their power and therefore inevitably their more volatile odors, impregnate you less long. It is therefore advisable to store your different bottles in a dark and dry place so that they do not deteriorate.

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