Since its creation in 1994, Jo Malone London, creator of English perfumes, does not stop surprising us. I was talking about the fresh Jo Malone London Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne perfume, but this time I’m going to introduce you with an intense fragrance with leathery notes. Here is the last innovation of the creator: Bronze Wood & Leather.

With this mixed fragrance, does the brand have an exceptional fragrance? To know more, I tested this product.

Jo Malone London bronze Wood & Leather

Bronze Wood & Leather, a unique olfactory journey

Released in 2019, Bronze Wood & Leather is a new range of Jo Malone London colognes. Qualified as “leather” perfume, it is characterized by a pleasing scent. First and foremost, I would like to point out that it is difficult to resist its bewitching scent. I myself was captivated by this subtle blend of wood essence and tanned leather.

With this mixed fragrance, Jo Malone London has kept to his promises. I admit that this cologne Intense offers a pleasant and exceptional olfactory journey, which awakens all the senses. It’s an experience I’m not about to forget.

Just by smelling its scent, with Vetiver’s base notes, you can imagine yourself in the heart of untamed nature. Vetiver, an aromatic plant popular in perfumery, brings a slightly smoky scent to this Intense cologne.

In addition, it is a woody fragrance that will brighten your day. With its powerful smells, it will not leave indifferent the most demanding.

A hot and sensual fragrance

Bronze Wood & Leather is the result of long-term work. It is composed of unique and original ingredients. To bring out the woody leather note, Marie Salamagne, master perfumer, created a specific molecule. She was inspired by the smell of luxury leather bags to design a unique scent.

To stand out, it is distinguished by a masculine touch. In testing this product, I noticed a real explosion of scents. At the touch of the skin, this Intense cologne gives off a top note of grapefruit. Fresh and light, this citrus scent evokes sensuality.

In the heart note, the juniper, berries with blackish colors, highlights a mixture of peppery and woody essence. Associated with tanned leather, this spicy flavor is totally captivating.

With all these components, this a fragrance with character like Tom Ford Ombré Leather ! Hot and sensual, it can be an asset of the seduction of size, as well for the men as the women.

Without further ado, let yourself be seduced by Jo Malone London’s mixed flagrance!

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