Today, we are going to deal with a subject which can be insignificant, but which however, holds with heart with any person having a certain elegance: the perfume. The question “How to put on perfume correctly?” came to me when I saw my dear dad spraying perfume all over his upper body.

If you don’t know how to do it, you can feel a noticeable difference (literally and without pun intended) between a person who knows how to put on perfume and one who doesn’t. If you are looking for tips on this subject, I invite you to read this article.

How to apply perfume

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The choice of the perfume, a story of many occasions

It is necessary to take into account the context in which you will find yourself, before making the choice of the perfume which you intend to wear. First of all, you will have to choose your perfume according to the season. Some fragrances will be more adapted to summer, and others to winter. Thus, during hot summers, a fresh perfume, with light, floral or fruity touches, is more appropriate.

Indeed, the atmosphere being already heavy enough in summer, your perfume would risk “suffocating” your entourage if you choose concentrated fragrances. Heavy, woody and/or spicy fragrances are better suited for winter, as they are more bearable and warm up when it is cold.

Similarly, the choice of fragrance also depends on the occasion you are invited to. Whether it’s for an interview, an outing, sports (why not), or to get noticed by your crush, some scents will be more appropriate than others.

To help you choose one, it is usually easier to ask your perfumer directly. I will present you throughout the year the best men’s fragrances that I have the chance to test for you.

Count on me to test and present you throughout the year the best men’s fragrances, from the freshest to the most robust.

perfume bleu de Chanel

Photo : Instagram @anthopom

How to apply your perfume guys?

A good perfume, correctly applied, has both aesthetic and erogenous functions. Nevertheless, to produce this effect, certain rules must be respected, as a famous brand of deodorant boasts, “Less is more”.

Thus, a small spray on each part of your body that gives off the most heat, such as the wrists, the folds of the elbows, your chest and behind the ears, is sufficient.

To help you, here is a visual of the most erogenous zones of the body:

where to apply perfume

It is therefore out of the question to shower with your perfume, under penalty of the exhalation becoming unpleasant for your entourage. It is also useless to put it on your clothes, because it could stain them and it will not stick as well as on your skin.

Also, as I like to remind you, it is better to put on perfume after a good shower. It’s true that perfume can mask certain scents. But the neutrality of your body odor, the moisture of your skin and the opening of your pores after a good wash, allow the perfume to better attach itself to you and to bring out all its quintessence.

If your bottle is equipped with a spray, keep a distance of 10 cm when you spray the perfume.

If it is not equipped with a spray, dab very lightly on the areas where you want the fragrance to settle and a single application is sufficient. When spraying, you will feel like you are completely embalmed by the scent and “cocooned”. That’s what I’m doing right now with the fragrance I’m wearing, Tom Ford Beau de Jour Signature.

To make the scent perfume last longer…

Another tip is to mix your parfait with scent-free moisturizer, then pat the desired areas to diffuse your fragrance.

Rest assured. If you’ve followed my advice, the scent won’t be lingering but well-balanced.

And as a reminder, you will experience what I call olfactory accommodation. In fact, your sense of smell will get used to your perfume and you will have the impression that you don’t smell it anymore. And yet, your perfume will be well and truly perceptible to those around you. It will (often) not be necessary to add more.

After applying the perfume, it is best to wash your hands, otherwise everything you touch, including your food, will have a horrible aftertaste.

Finally, wear a fragrance that you like. However, take into consideration my advice to avoid repulsing those around you.

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