No time or desire to go to the gym? Here are some exercises to help you build up your pectoral muscles wherever you want.

Not motivated to go to the gym and have to pay a monthly membership? You feel watched and you still want to develop your muscles and build your pectoral muscles? It is possible to start working your body from home and right now!

No need for a dedicated room to work out at home! In the corner of the bed or in a part of the living room, you will only need a small space to perform pectoral exercises.

develop your chest muscles at home

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What are pectoral muscles made of?

The pectoral muscles are found on the chest. Located between the shoulders and above the abdominals, they are used to move the arms and shoulders and to stand up straight. The pectorals are divided into only two symmetrical muscles.

The pectoralis major is the most familiar muscle to strength trainers because it develops on the outside of the chest. The pectoralis major extends on either side of the breastbone and is shaped like a fan. It is very large and is used for adduction, extension, flexion and rotation of the arms and shoulders. The pectoralis major is composed of horizontal fibers that are divided into three fascicles. These are the fascicles that give the pectoral muscles their beautiful curved shape.

The first bundle, the highest on the chest, is called the clavicular bundle (since it covers the clavicles). The sternal bundle is just below the clavicular bundle (it extends between the sternum and the ribs). As for the abdominal bundle, it is located below the sternal bundle (it starts from the ribs and goes down to the rectus muscle).

The pectoralis minor is the other muscle of the pectoral group. Widely forgotten, this deep muscle is located under the pectoralis major. Connecting the shoulder to the thorax, the pectoralis minor is used to rotate the arm downward and to inflate the chest cavity during inspiration. Thin and flat, it contributes little to gain muscle mass in the pectoral region.

Build up the pectoral muscles at home and find the motivation

The recipe is quite simple, here are the elements to gather to allow you to put all your chances on your side to train at home when you have time:

  1. Motivation: Stop finding an excuse at every opportunity to work out and force yourself to do it, no matter what the reasons, we’re talking about just a few minutes a day.
  2. A yoga or weight mat, easier to work on the floor and not to hurt yourself.
  3. A notepad or a mobile training application, the objective being to note your training sessions as well as the number of repetitions, several months later this will allow you to make a first assessment.
  4. If you think you need energy, you can get a pre-workout drink like No Xplode.
  5. Find a friend to train with you! Two people can increase motivation tenfold and it’s more fun to work out as a team, even though weight training isn’t really a “social” sport.
  6. And to finish on a more fun note, shorts or tracksuit, no need for tops, you will train from home!

Check out this video with some tips to build your chest at home :

Accessories to build up your pecs at home

Building up your pecs at home can be a great idea. You don’t have to go to a gym and waste time on the road. You can also adapt your schedule more easily without having to worry about gym opening hours. But even though there are a lot of exercises without equipment, working with props is a great idea to progress faster. Here are some of the most useful accessories for developing this muscle group, which can be found easily on the Internet.

The basic weight bench

You will find it everywhere, both on Amazon and in specialized stores. The weight bench is a very useful tool to build up your pecs at home. It is the ideal partner to do bench presses whenever you feel like it! It can be basic or particularly sophisticated like the bench press, but in any case, it is the accessory to have if you have the necessary space. It allows you to work all the muscles, but if you only want champion pectorals, prefer an Olympic model.

PASYOU Adjustable Weight Bench Full Body Workout Multi-Purpose Foldable Incline Decline Exercise Workout Bench for Home Gym
  • 【FULLY ADJUSTABLE DESIGN】-Designed with 7 back positions to meet all your needs when doing workouts, you can perform a number of upper and lower body exercises while incorporating dumbbell use to hit goals and build/maintain muscle.
  • 【HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION】- The adjustable dumbbells bench designed with unique triangle structure and heavy-duty thickened steel, 500 lbs weight capacity , no worry for stability.
  • 【COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN】- With high-density foam padding and seat secure body firmly and reduce muscle fatigue when you do full body workout.
  • 【EASY ASSEMBLE】- PASYOU Weight Bench is almost full assembled, you only need to assemble the front and back support tube and the foam rollers, it is very easy and only takes 2 minutes.The Foldable Workout Bench easily for quick saves space when folded.
  • 【NO WORRY】- Package included installation tools.If you have any quality problem whthin one year,you can contact with us at any time.24/7 customer support, solving your problem in time. 100% satisfying solutions if any issues!

Last update on 2024-02-25 / As an Amazon Partner, I make a profit on qualifying purchases./ Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The adjustable model is ideal for those who have particularly developed deltoids. You will be able to do decline push-ups perfect for your pecs.

For a complete workout, I recommend that you complete your bench with a pair of dumbbells. Heavy load and amplitude will then be at the heart of your training.

The pec deck or Roman chair

These are load-guided weight stations, which are particularly recommended for pectoral work. With the Pec Deck, you can do sit-ups for variety. The guided load allows you to work your muscles without damaging your joints. If you are an avid user of this type of instrument, this is a significant advantage.

You will find this device in all the weight rooms. It is used in the middle of a session, but also in the middle. Again, it is available in all stores with a sports section on the net. You can find models from 100 euros for the simplest at Amazon.

Sportsroyals Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar for Home Gym Strength Training Workout Equipment Newer Version 450LBS.
  • 【Super Sturdiness and Stability】With a weight capacity of 450lbs, you can feel confident and secure during your intense workouts. Whether you are performing pull-ups, dips, knee raises, or other exercises, The Sportsroyals Power Tower remains steady without any wobbling or shaking, ensuring a safe and effective workout session.
  • 【Variety of Exercises】From classic pull-ups and chin-ups to challenging dips and leg raises, it caters to a wide range of strength training needs. This multifunctional design makes it a fantastic all-in-one solution for anyone looking to target different muscle groups and achieve a full-body workout.
  • 【Powerful Adaptability】The pull up bar is perfectly positioned, providing a comfortable grip and allowing for various hand positions to target different muscle areas. This adaptability ensures that you can perform a diverse range of pull-up variations, keeping your workouts fresh and engaging.
  • 【Designed for Comfort】The 10 degree reclined position, padded armrests and backrest add an extra level of comfort during exercises like dips, making the workout experience more enjoyable and less strenuous on your joints. The 6 adjustable height and 7 adjustable wide-fitted backrest meet the whole family workout needs.
  • 【Space Efficient Machine】The compact design of the pull up bar station is a bonus for home gym setups with limited space. It doesn't take up much floor space, making it a practical addition to any home gym, garage, or workout area.

Last update on 2024-02-25 / As an Amazon Partner, I make a profit on qualifying purchases./ Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Regarding the Roman chair, it is the perfect device to perform dips. Either weighted or simply with your body weight, this exercise allows you to get a very important gain in the pectoral area. To make things more complicated, simply add weights. It is also a very useful apparatus to reinforce the core building since it also makes work the back and the abdominal muscles (tractions).

The Butterfly, for a complete workout

The last piece of equipment I would recommend if you really want to develop your pecs like a professional: the Butterfly.

You’ve probably already seen one if you’ve been to a gym. But you can also invite it into your home for a total workout. The Butterfly can be found everywhere, starting at 350 euros.

Marcy 200 lbs. Stack Home Gym Multifunction Total Body Training Station MKM-81010
  • CONVENIENT HOME GYM – Build up some serious muscle at home with the Marcy Stack Gym. This complete system has a total weight resistance of 200 lbs., great for strengthening different muscle groups and comprehensive full-body workouts.
  • TOTAL USER SAFTEY – This stack gym equipment is built with high-density boxed vinyl upholstery with high-density foam to offer premium comfort during workouts. It has a solid steel protective stack cover and a weight stack lock for total user safety.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY EQUIPMENT – The Marcy Stack Gym is constructed with a heavy-duty 2 x 2.5” (14 gauge) steel tube frame. With a durable powder-coated finish in black and vinyl-coated weights, this equipment promises quality and durability.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION ARM PRESS – Work on those pectoral muscles with the press arms that have dual functionality. For a maximized upper body workout, switch from chest pressed to vertical butterfly exercises. The Marcy Stack Gym is ideal for any level users
  • VARIETY OF EXERCISES – This equipment includes a removable and adjustable arm curl to suit different body types, a dual-function leg developer that allows for total lower body exercises, and dual-function press arms for rowing exercises. The MKM-81010 will minimize the pieces of equipment needed for your home workout by eliminating the need for free weights.

Last update on 2024-02-25 / As an Amazon Partner, I make a profit on qualifying purchases./ Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

With this instrument, you can isolate each muscle as well as possible and congest it intensely. In a bodybuilding program dedicated to pectoral muscles, this device is used at the end of the session to develop your chest at best. You can also have fun with it at the beginning of your session for an optimal warm-up of your pecs (and shoulders at the same time).

Would you like me to give you a program for building pecs with these machines? Here’s a good “recipe” for building and strengthening your muscles in an optimal way. Start with bench presses. Continue with incline presses on your adjustable bench (4 sets of 10 for each exercise). Continue with standing push-ups on the Pec Deck (4 sets of 12) and finish your session with 4 sets of 5 reps on the Butterfly.

Bottom line

It’s up to you! Work your pectorals as often as possible, respecting your days and your recovery needs, for example twice a week.

After a few months of serious work, you will notice your first results for sure! And if you want to show off your chest muscles, learn how to make an ultra-slim tank top at home! It’s cheaper and you’ll recycle a T-shirt, so it’s eco-friendly, right?

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