Even if they are well hidden, we all have abs. If your abs don’t show up despite your workouts, it may be because you’re making mistakes, whether it’s in your choice of exercises or in your diet.

I will reveal the 5 mistakes that prevent you from seeing your abs.

abs mistakes

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1. You have not adopted a balanced diet

If your abs are not visible, it is because they are covered by a layer of fat. To eliminate this fat, you need to watch your diet, limiting any product that is too sweet and unhealthy.

Alcohol is also an enemy of the abs. You must follow a diet of dryness, which you can define with a sports coach or a professional of the food. The diet you adopt must be maintained over the long term, so do not embark on a diet that is too strict, which is more likely to cause a “yo-yo” effect.

If you train several times a week but do not follow a diet that is adapted to your goals, you will not see any results and this will tend to discourage you. A low level of body fat is therefore necessary for visible and well-defined abs.

2. You don’t do the train correctly

If the exercises are not done properly, in addition to the risk of injury, there is also the risk of muscle imbalance or bad posture that can cause pain.

For example, poorly performed crunches can cause neck pain. If you can’t get advice from a trainer, choose non-traumatic exercises for the body, such as plank exercises, which are just as effective.

Do not rely on exercises such as leg raises or sit-ups, which are not the most effective and put pressure on the spine. Poorly done exercises will be totally ineffective and despite all the efforts in the world, will prevent you from seeing your abs appear. Don’t hesitate to consult the bodybuilding advice on the athletes-temple.com website to help you.

3. The training program chosen are not consistent with your objectives

The abdominal wall is not made up of a single muscle, but of several muscles (rectus abdominis, obliques, transverse abdominis).

To train your abs properly, you need to choose exercises that work the entire abdominal belt. This will allow your muscles to develop in a harmonious way.

You should therefore choose a variety of exercises that work different angles. In addition to muscle strengthening exercises, you can add cardio sessions to your workouts. HIIT cardio (High-Intensity Interval Training) is very effective as a fat burner.

This is because abdominal fat is usually the hardest to eliminate. Doing high intensity cardio, in addition to following a proper diet, helps your abs become visible.

Also, don’t focus on the number of reps without concentrating on the quality of the exercise: it’s better to do fewer reps, but to really challenge the muscle.

4. You’re not using the right loads

To see your abs appear, you need to train them like any other part of your body. That is, in order to progress, you must gradually increase the loads so that you don’t stay in your comfort zone. Is it inconceivable for you to work your buttocks or your back without increasing the loads? The same goes for the abdominal muscles.

You can start with body weight exercises. When these exercises become easy, start adding weight. This will keep your muscle stimulated. To see your abs, it is therefore necessary not to rest on your achievements.

5. You train too often so you’ll never see your abs !

Like any other muscle, the abdominal muscles need rest to build. There is no point in working them 7 days a week to hope to see results. In addition, most of the exercises you perform during your workouts will indirectly stress your abdominal muscles.

Knowing that you need to give them enough recovery time between each session for them to develop, 2 to 3 ab workouts per week is a good ratio. In between each session, you can focus on stretching sessions, for example, to give your muscle length. Yoga is a good exercise, especially for the abs, because it allows you to work them gently and to stretch the muscle, which makes it more aesthetic.

As you can see, having visible abs is not easy since the stomach is one of the places where we store the most weight. Nevertheless, by following these tips, in the long run, you will be able to observe a better muscle definition and obtain the coveted six pack and even the V of abs! Now you know

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