Just like you, I tried many methods to lose weight and get abs without surgery! And just like you, I wanted to know more about all existing products on the market. I then met the fat burners and sought to know more about these potential allies.

What is a fat burner?

As the name suggests, this dietary supplement aims to burn therefore eliminate fat stored by our body. Although the title is particularly attractive, it is interesting not to close your eyes and better understand what these products are.

In fact, these supplements will accelerate the elimination of fat. For this, they will participate in the destruction of fat or lipolysis via the molecules they contain: the most effective being thermogenic.

For this, these molecules will accelerate the energy expenditure of the body that will naturally draw on its reserves to keep pace. The fatty acids are then released into the blood and will participate in the destruction of fat deposits. So much for the principle.

This must come in addition to a healthy diet and sports, the lower stomach stores much of the fat, it is important to strengthen the bottom of your abs or get the famous V abs.

fat burners

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The main fat burners

The fat burning supplements are mainly of natural origin. In particular, we find spirulina, which combines an appetite suppressant effect with the principle of fat destruction. Its proteins will destock fat by increasing the efforts of the body from the digestion.

Guarana is also very popular. It will stimulate the different mechanisms related to the breakdown of fats by the body. The citric acid of the lemon can also intervene in the phenomenon of fat loss. It cleans the liver by producing more bile, which helps to break down and evacuate fat faster.

Catechin and theine contained in green tea are also recognized aids. Similarly, cinnamon and ginger act in different ways on the metabolism of fats. The first operates in the first place on blood sugar, blood sugar level. When it is poorly balanced, fats tend to accumulate. Regulating its blood sugar will therefore help to better balance fats. The second has a strong thermogenic effect. The body temperature will rise slightly and the body will work faster. As we have already seen, he needs his reserves. Ginseng has the same effects.

Finally, an alga can also be an effective aid to lose a few pounds: chlorella. Its phenylalanines will cut the hunger but also slow down the production of fat cells, to summarize, the fatty foods you consume will turn less quickly into small beads!

How do you take fat burners to work?

Even if you can take lemon or cinnamon as is, these food supplements are usually presented as capsules or tablets. For them to act at best, it is recommended to swallow them with a large glass of water, for some, ten minutes before the three main meals for others – the thermogenic – before a sports activity.

Without a reasonable diet, these products are not very effective. It is therefore recommended to combine a healthy diet, containing little fat and a lot of fiber. Practicing sport is also recommended. This will allow the fat burners to work better. The body will then be “over-powered” and will consume more fats and sugars to function.

To enhance the effect of the burners, it is also to follow in parallel a course of activated charcoal that will detoxify the body at best. If you are taking medication, it is best to ask your doctor or pharmacist if the use of these burners is compatible.

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