However, while several tutorials and directions are available online to help men lose weight, the information for gaining weight, on the other hand is scattered all over the Internet. There is some supplements to help you gain muscle and I will tell you everything about my routine.Here, all the information, tricks and tips have been compiled at the same place keeping in mind all the relevant factors emphasizing on muscle mass gain from exercise routines to proper diet.

Getting Started with Bodybuilding

Because we are all different, you gain muscle fast or not, I workout 5 time a week and I need supplements to gain muscle

How should I Eat to build muscle ?

The path to building more muscle goes through a disciplined diet plan that involves a lot of eating: but that of nutritional, wholesome foods, instead of junk.

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Also, you should be mindful of the portions you eat daily and should try to increase them so as to make an addition of two hundred and fifty calories per day to your total daily calorie intake. Some of the broad categorization of food that you should be eating daily are:

Branched Chain Amino Acids(BCAA)

Scientifically speaking these kind of amino acids are essential amino acids which means that they cannot be produced by our body. Hence, they need to be supplied externally through our diet or through supplements.

BCCA is known to repair torn muscles, ease muscle fatigue and add more strength to muscles in general. Valine, leucine and isoleucine are those BCCA’s that can easily be found in beef, chicken breast, soy and whey protein. However buying BCCA supplements might burn a hole in your pocket and it is advisable to consume a BCCA rich diet instead.

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Pre-workout supplements

In order to make the most of your workout sessions and not to die of exhaustion thereafter, it is advised to have a glass of pre-workout supplements for optimum results.

But with the availability of too many pre-workout supplements both in stores and online, customers have a hard time deciding on the most appropriate one.

Basically, the ingredients of these supplements are largely creatine, nitrate, alanine, caffeine, BCCA’s and beta-alanine all mixed in different doses in pre made supplements.

However, you can mix the individual ingredients according to your workout preference to obtain the results that you would like. An exhaustive list of an ingredient’s impact on any particular aspect of workout can be found online and you may accordingly concoct your own supplement mixture.

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Whey proteins

While the potential benefits of whey proteins are based on single studies and more comprehensive examination is required, they have no side effects and can be used without a worry. They are said to reduce weight and increase cardiovascular strength.

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Needless to say, we should pack our diet with as diverse a range of vitamins as possible. While Vitamin D may have a direct bearing on muscle mass, biotin, selenium, calcium, iron and vitamin C are just as important and while their supplements may be taken. A better cost effective method would be to consume foods rich in them.

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How should I exercise to gain muscle ?

Work hard or go home: Simply put, you must be willing to include more heavy-duty exercises in your routine to unlock those muscles that are usually not involved in daily exercises. These exercises involve multiple joints and are holistically beneficial for you. For example- barbell squats, barbell rows, barbell presses, weight-lifts etc.

Work hard, rest hard: Most people are unaware of the fact that their muscles gain strength not during vigorous training but the time they take to rest.

Continuous daily workouts will do more harm than good and therefore resting days should alternate with heavy workout days to improve overall muscle quality.

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