Can’t stand your belly, the fat around your arm muscles, or your sagging face contour? You only want to lose weight and eliminate your fat? To lose weight and get a leaner body with well-defined abs, there’s only one solution: expend a maximum number of calories.

One of the best ways to do this, in addition to a balanced diet, is to practice regular physical activity and stick to it. In this article, discover 5 sports that will help you lose fat.

sports to lose fat

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1. Basketball, to exercise without thinking about it

You don’t have to be a top athlete to sweat and shed those extra pounds. Playing a game of basketball in a club, with friends or colleagues, will certainly get you moving. Jumping, running, catching, shooting, defending, and scoring: basketball is a fun sport that combines jumping and sprinting with repeated trips to the basket. During a basketball game, you will not spare your physical effort: this will increase your energy expenditure while having fun. On average, you should burn 500 to 600 calories per hour. A good idea to keep this habit in the long term and multiply your training sessions.

Practicable all year round whatever the season, indoors or outdoors, basketball is ideal for free throw lovers. By working on your relaxation, you will strengthen and refine your leg muscles, but also strengthen your arms thanks to the 3-point shots.

Don’t have a partner to play basketball with? No problem, you can train alone and challenge yourself to score as many baskets as possible.

2. Soccer, to work on your cardio in a group

What could be better than a good game of soccer to activate your metabolism? Simple and accessible to all, soccer is an excellent fat burner! With a moderate intensity, it will allow you to eliminate unwanted pounds. With its long runs, repeated sprints and acceleration, soccer involves your entire body and improves your endurance. At a rate of 400 to 600 calories per hour, you’ll draw heavily on your fat reserves. The result? A slimmer figure and a more toned body.

This complete sport allows you to maintain your cardio by accelerating the rhythm of your heart, but also to improve your respiratory capacity. On the muscle side, it is an excellent way to shape your thighs, legs and calves.

Very popular and requiring little equipment, playing soccer can easily be practiced several times a week. A good point about motivation, it will be easier for you to get moving by organizing group matches: a real reason to encourage each other in your fitness project. Soccer is an excellent alternative to running for those who hate to run alone. The pleasure of sharing and scoring goals.

3. Tennis, a complete physical activity to refine your body

Do you prefer individual sports? Choose tennis to lose weight! This sport activity effectively reduces body fat! Indeed, it requires a significant energy expenditure, especially if your exchanges continue for long hours. Depending on your commitment, tennis allows you to burn between 400 and 700 calories per hour of play: the equivalent of one hour on an elliptical machine in the gym!

With the racket in your hand, following the trajectory of the ball, you’ll cover quite a distance. Running, changing axis and support, moving on the side to the right and left: your legs will be particularly used. And what about your arms when returning the ball on the backhand or forehand! A good way to gain strength and speed, and improve your endurance.

To lose your belly, devote part of your session to climbing to the net and diagonal movements: unstoppable. Enjoy the pleasures of the clay court! Tennis is easily accessible in clubs and can be played outdoors in good weather or indoors on a covered court. No doubt, in the footsteps of Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, you will dry your body and sharpen your appearance.

4. CrossFit, one of the top sports to lose fat

There is nothing better than combining cardio training and muscle strengthening to eradicate fat. CrossFit is your slimming ally! This sport combines strength training and fitness at various intensities for optimal results. Particularly physical, it aims to mobilize all your muscles, and make you gain in balance, flexibility and speed. But above all, CrossFit favors the gain of muscle mass while decreasing your excess fat. A one-hour session means you lose over 700 calories! If you are overweight, it is the ideal activity to lose weight effectively and sculpt your body.

Generally, CrossFit is practiced in a gym. The session is often demanding and intense. After a rigorous warm-up, you will push your cardio by alternating sustained exercises and short recovery periods. Jumps, rope, push-ups, squats, weight lifting: the variety and multiplication of exercises make the sessions as fast as they are challenging. More prominent pectorals, “Six Pack”: at a rate of 2 workouts per week, you will quickly see results on your figure.

5. Boxing, the ideal sport to burn a maximum of calories

To become fit, and spend a maximum of energy in a minimum of time, boxing is an important ally. Hitting, dodging, working on your footwork, etc. This combat sport is a real fat burner. Depending on the intensity, you can burn between 600 and 1,000 calories in an hour. To lose weight quickly, boxers perform a series of technical exercises at an intensive pace. Boxing involves all the muscles of your body: arms especially, but also shoulders, chest, abdominal muscles, and the whole lower body to strengthen your supports. A complete sport activity to help you develop your reflexes, your coordination and your agility.

There are different types of boxing: English boxing, French boxing (or savate), Thai boxing (or Muay Thai), kick-boxing (or full contact) and finally MMA.

Putting on your gloves and mouth guard is a good opportunity to push your physical and mental limits. To let off steam and channel your energy, there is nothing like punching a sandbag. A golden opportunity to release stress.

Bottom line

More motivated than ever to get rid of your pounds and excess weight? All you have to do is pick one of these 5 sports to lose fat! And practice it on a regular basis. But note that some sports activities will not help you lose fat. Baseball, archery and billiards are among the least calorie-intensive sports.

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