2. Nike Blazer Low ’77 Vintage

From Nike, I suggest the Blazer Low ’77 Vintage model as a replacement for the Stan Smith.

These sneakers combine style and comfort, and can be easily integrated into a variety of men’s outfits. For a casual, on-trend look, pair the Nike Blazer Low 77 Vintage with skinny jeans, a basic white T-shirt and a mid-season linen jacket. This simple, elegant combination will highlight your sneakers and give you a unique, minimalist look.

If you prefer a more formal outfit, you can wear these sneakers with neutral-colored chino pants, a button-down shirt and a cardigan. This vintage style will create a balance between the street look of the sneakers and the dressier look of the rest of your silhouette.

Nike Blazer Low '77 Vintage for men, stan smith alternative

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