7. Authentic True White Shoes by Vans

Vans’ Authentic True White shoes are a great alternative to Adidas’ Stan Smith for several reasons. Firstly, both models are icons of urban fashion and feature a classic, timeless design. They are both appreciated for their simplicity and versatility, making them easily adaptable to different clothing styles.

As for the specifics of Vans’ Authentic True White, they offer a distinct aesthetic thanks to a low-profile silhouette and embossed rubber soles, an emblematic feature of the brand.

Compared to Adidas’ Stan Smiths, Vans’ Authentic True White are often perceived as being more affordable financially. But I think the style of these shoes brings originality to your summer outfit! With light cotton or linen pants and a cream-colored blouse, you’ll adopt a distinguished look somewhere between skate culture and urban chic!

Authentic True White Shoes by Vans

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